B2B Referrals Are Awesome


Leads referred to you from happy customers:

  • Close faster
  • Become more loyal customers
  • Have a higher lifetime value

So why do most B2B referral programs fail?


Most Referral Programs Are Little More Than:

  • Random calls to old lists
  • Clumsy emails
  • Wishful thinking

It’s simply: arrow



Like...Asking For A First Date On Valentine's Day

Too much
Too soon
Too hopeful

There's a better way.

Advocacy Is The Courtship Of Referrals

If you want referrals, romance your fans. Invest in a relationship.

Let it blossom into something natural, smooth and mutually rewarding.

Want B2B Referrals?

Start With Advocates

An advocate program builds and nurtures the relationship with the fans and customers that love you. This way you can tap into their enthusiasm to drive more high quality referrals.

Customer Referral Lifecycle

New Customer, Happy Customer, Loyal Advocate Ask & Receive Referral

That’s how Act-On collected 200+ referral leads in less than 3 months! Click their logo to read their story.

Ask & Receive Referral

Influitive Referrals


Influitive Referrals harnesses the positive sentiment of your advocates, making it easy for them to refer new names while getting recognized for their contribution.

Integrated with


See It In Action!

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recipe-book A relationship starts with dinner. Click the book to find your recipe for hot referrals.  

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