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Quiz: Are You The Kanye West Of Content Marketing?

We all know Kanye West thinks Kanye West is pretty awesome. (Need proof? Check out his self-aggrandizing Twitter feed.) Sometimes, B2B brands can be self-absorbed, too. Often, their content is all about their product, their brand or their ideas. Take the short assessment below to figure out where your content marketing falls on our celebrity-based Continued

19 Ways Your Customers Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy In 2017

These tips were originally published in our eBook, Inspiring Customers to Create Content for You: A Marketer’s Guide. As a B2B marketer, you have boundless opportunities to turn your happiest customers into content collaborators. Involving customers in your content marketing strategy has lots of benefits, including: Uncovering better content ideas and new customer success stories Continued

The Secret To Delighting B2B Customers In 30 Seconds This Holiday Season

Making your customers feel special is necessary for building stronger relationships and increasing advocacy. And that doesn’t come just from building moments of delight into your product (although that’s important). We’re talking about taking time out of your day to make the real people behind your “logos” feel known and appreciated—which we did this holiday Continued

The Perfect Introduction Letter To Customer Advocacy For Your Marketing Team

Want to help your marketing team understand why you need an advocate marketing program ASAP? We’ve created a handy fill-in-the-blank letter template that will get them onboard fast. Just answer a few questions and this baby will generate a customized note that explains exactly why your sales pipeline needs advocates. It also includes some inspiring advocate marketing success stories, and outlines the next Continued

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3 Social Influence Secrets Sales And Marketing Teams Should Know

No one likes to think they’re being influenced by others when they buy something or make a career choice. We’re all individuals with independent thoughts, right? The truth is that you are swayed by your environment (the things you see and hear), and the people in your life (friends, family, peers—even strangers on the subway) Continued

4 Sales Funnel Stages Where Prospects Quickly Fall Out Of Love With You

There’s something comforting about the traditional sales funnel stages for B2B salespeople and marketers. You know that if you toss a certain number of leads in at the top, you can expect a (small) percentage of deals to shake out at the bottom. It’s just like lining up tons of online dates hoping to find ‘The One’.   Continued

3 Sales Pipeline Management Hurdles You’ll Likely Face This Year—And How To Overcome Them

I’m not psychic, but I have a feeling that this year you’ve faced some struggles when it comes to managing your sales pipeline. Here’s why: • Lead gen programs aren’t performing as effectively or predictably as they used to be • Buyers are ignoring your marketing and sales reps in favor of doing independent research Continued

5 Questions You Probably Haven’t Asked At A Sales Pipeline Management Meeting (But Should)

The more B2B buying habits change, the more difficult sales pipeline management meetings get. Prospects now do most of their research for themselves. By the time they contact a sales rep, they may already be 90% done with their buyer’s journey. With prospects narrowing down vendors before they even enter your funnel, how can you Continued

Report: 2017 State of Customer Marketing
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Everything You Need To Build Your Advocate Marketing Budget

Figuring out budget can be tough, especially for new initiatives like advocate marketing—but understanding the costs can help. You already learnt where you can get funds for advocate marketing in our previous blog. (Hint: it’s from initiatives you already pay for!) Here’s how you can establish a budget to help convince your boss. (P.S. If Continued

How Your Existing Budget Can Pay For Advocate Marketing

Justifying budget for new marketing strategies like advocate marketing can be daunting. First, you need to prove advocate marketing will generate strong ROI (which you can learn more about in this eBook). Then, to get the program off the ground, you’ll need to convince your boss(es) to make an upfront investment and carve out budget. Continued