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The Year Of The Customer Marketer: The State Of Customer Marketing In 2017

In today’s uber-competitive business landscape, a positive customer experience can often be the difference between closing a new deal or retaining a customer—more so than product features or price. That’s why more companies are moving customer marketing higher up on their priority list. This role, traditionally a marketing backwater, is ripe for disruption—new tactics, strategies Continued

The Messenger Is The Message: A New Era For B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing as we know it is broken. Only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing, according to the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark Report. There are two main reasons for this: Most of your customers are suffering from what Mark Schaefer (a globally-recognized marketing consultant and a speaker Continued

Forrester Reveals New Way B2B CMOs Can Scale Company-wide Customer Obsession

CMOs know they need to get a handle on the customer experience—and fast. Without long-term engagement strategies that deliver the right content at the right moment to increase customer loyalty and delight, brands lose valuable customers and the chance to leverage positive customer sentiment to attract new buyers. But where do you start? How do Continued

How HubSpot Sparked A Movement Behind Their Brand (Just Like Beyonce)

Never mess with the Beyhive. That was the advice of angel investor, VC, and former CMO of HubSpot, Mike Volpe, who kicked off the recent Advocacy Advantage roadshow in Boston on September 19, 2016. His main goal: illustrate the sheer power of fanatic, loyal advocates. In the case of Beyonce, her dedicated fans (known as Continued

Forrester Report: Customer Goodwill Is An Untapped Marketing Goldmine

We’ve long talked about how advocate marketing programs drive tangible revenue—and we’re not the only ones. Analysts at Forrester and Gartner have outlined how advocate marketing strategies can spark B2B growth by increasing leads, brand awareness, and customer retention. However, fear of failure still prevents many brands from investing in customer advocacy—especially if more traditional Continued

Sales And Marketing, It’s Time To Have “The Talk”…About Your Sales Pipeline Stages

Sales and Marketing, it’s time you had “the talk”… …about the silent killer in your sales pipeline stages. I know it’s scary, but your teams need to come together if you want to stop prospects from falling out of the buying process. The reality is B2B decision makers are tuning out all the email campaigns and cold Continued

Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study

Wondering how other companies are performing when it comes to advocate marketing? The first benchmark study on advocate marketing, “Measuring Success With Advocacy: Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study” has just been released by Waypoint Group and Influitive. In it, nearly 600 marketers, customer success professionals and executives who impact advocate marketing investments were asked a series of Continued

4 Meaningful Ways to Recognize Your Brand Advocates

When you’re recognizing your customer advocates for the great work they do, it’s important to come up with the right kind of rewards and recognition. Advocates support  brands because they genuinely believe in the product or service being offered—not because they could get a gift card. They tout their gratitude without agenda or motive, so Continued

Why Every Company Has Time For Customer Advocacy (And Where To Find It)

Marketers are busy people. That’s why the thought of managing another program or piece of technology every day sounds about as appealing as the next Justice League movie. You’ve got growth targets to hit, right? You don’t have time to delight your customers with something like an advocate community. (Isn’t that someone else’s job anyway?) Continued

G2 Crowd Ranks Influitive As ‘Leader’ In First-Ever Grid Report For Brand Advocacy 

G2 Crowd recently released its inaugural Spring 2016 Brand Advocacy Grid℠ Report, which evaluated over 150 customer reviews and revealed high-level insights about the top brand advocacy software solutions available. We’re thrilled to share that Influitive’s AdvocateHub was ranked as a the market “Leader” in both the employee and customer brand advocacy tools categories thanks Continued