We’re the advocate marketing experts

Influitive has a vision for the future of B2B marketing: a disciplined and well-coordinated team of advocates systematically supporting campaigns, referring leads, driving sales and influencing product strategy. We believe the future belongs to companies that cultivate, mobilize and recognize their advocates.

Our customers are delivering on that vision today with amazing advocate marketing programs that support marketing campaigns, refer new clients and close deals. Hundreds of innovative companies are already using Influitive’s powerful advocate marketing software, AdvocateHub, to build advocate communities where they can engage with their customers, partners and employees.

“SMART’s advocates are a gold mine, and Influitive helped us engage with all of them. Mobilizing 1,000 advocates with a few simple key strokes is pure genius.” –Deena Zenyk, Advocate Marketing Manager, SMART Technologies

Influitive’s approach to advocate marketing

Our #1 priority is the advocate experience. We focus on the advocate experience as much as more than the vendor experience. Advocates have the power to make a tremendous impact on your business, so we believe they should be treated like gold. AdvocateHub was specifically designed to make advocacy fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

We provide a complete advocate marketing solution. It enables the wide range of activities that advocates actually want to do today – not just getting people to retweet or like your social media updates (but that is part of it). Acts of advocacy also include more powerful, sales-focused initiatives, such as referrals, recommendations, reviews, testimonials, product feedback, contributing to and sharing content, building buzz about events, and more.

We think advocacy should be self-service. Using our B2B advocate marketing software, advocates can choose to participate in campaigns according to their timeline, not a marketer’s. Our software is scalable for thousands of active advocates who want to help a vendor they love. They can participate through short bursts of activity when it’s most convenient for them.

We’ve integrated advocate marketing with the rest of your marketing organization. AdvocateHub isn’t your customer database, but it mobilizes your best customers. That’s why it integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce.com, community platforms like Jive, social networks like LinkedIn, and marketing automation systems like Eloqua.

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