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Referrals, references and reviews — at scale

We give businesses a better way to mobilize customer advocates with our modern engagement platform combining powerful tools and expert services, leverage the authentic voice of your customers to drive growth.

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Influitive - Referrals, References, Reviews

“I am responsible for community engagement and advocacy, and I couldn’t do my job without Influitive.”

Jeni Asaba, Sr. Manager, Community Engagement & Advocacy at Jamf


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  • 93% increase in acts of advocacy YoY
  • 71% increase in social shares YoY
  • 30% engagement rate maintained throughout 2021
  • 19 virtual meet-ups with 729 customers from across 20 countries in attendance


Discover, nurture, and mobilize advocates to help grow your businesses

Implement a modern customer marketing program that expands your advocates and mobilizes them to increase referrals, references and reviews.

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Influitive - Discover, Nurture, Mobilize Advocates
Influitive - Customer Success


Keep customers on the path to success through gamified campaigns that drive value

Create tailored experiences for your customers through personalized onboarding, incentivized learning, and intuitive and fun guided journeys.

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Create a thriving community offering superior experience and build customer loyalty

Cater to your newest customers and faithful advocates while they build genuine connections with your employees, your brand, and each other.

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Influitive - Customer Community

We help customer marketers get results


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Mountain Dew

“Dew Nation HQ is a great way to directly engage with Dew fans. The hub matches our brand identity and personality, and gamifies content consumption, social sharing, and product feedback in a fun and scalable way that was never before possible.”

Kathleen Orazio from Viewpoint
Lauren Van Schaick
Senior Brand Manager


“When it comes to demand generation, [Influitive] is very important for the sales organization. Our program provides them with the referrals, references, and reviews they need to close new business.”

Kathleen Orazio from Viewpoint
Kathleen Orazio
Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager


Wiley“We’ve been able to quickly fuel more than 50 product development projects and power 85 pilots of new functionality. With so much customer input we saw a 130% jump in our NPS.”

Kathleen Orazio from Viewpoint
Nicole Dingley
VP of Customer Success

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With Influitive, your advocates fuel business growth and customer success

Whether you want to generate more leads and references, drive more customer success, or even improve future products through direct customer feedback, Influitive has got you covered. We're ready when you are.