Our mission is to make customer engagement

fun and rewarding for everyone

Influitive is your strategic partner in customer marketing. Our SaaS product and professional services help companies discover, nurture, and mobilize their advocates to accelerate sales and increase customer lifetime value. We believe the companies that put their customer advocates at the heart of their business are the ones that will win.

Why Influitive?

Customer advocate experts

We are the pioneers of advocate marketing and we’ve launched hundreds of successful customer and advocate marketing programs at some of the world’s best companies. We’re eager to share our best-in-class software and best practices with you.

A customer experience like no other

Influitive’s customer marketing platform is designed to create the very best engagement and experience for your customers and advocates. It fosters a sense of community—resulting in higher engagement, stronger relationships, and valuable customer insights.

Community that drives action

Influitive gives companies an easy way to engage hundreds or thousands of customers at scale, all within a community of advocates. This type of community is proven to drive action and advocacy, whether guiding another customer along their journey, or converting a new prospect into a customer.

Proven science of advocacy

Take the guesswork out of advocacy: Influitive powers advocacy with data, deep segmentation and personalization for each advocate. Make your advocate experience better every day by leveraging the intelligence that is constantly being fed back into our platform.

Our Story

Founded by Mark Organ in Toronto to build the platform for advocacy


Influitive’s advocacy platform, AdvocateHub, is launched into beta and sold to our first customers


$11M Seed and Series A

AdvocateHub launched to public at Dreamforce


Acquired social startup Engagio

Mobile app Maven launched

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Reached 100 customers and opened Boston office

BAM!TV airs

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Reached 100 employees and 200 customers

$38M Series B

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Influitive moves to new 30,000sqft HQ in Toronto

Acquired Triggerfox and IronArk Software

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Influitive Ranked 57th Fastest Growing Company in North America

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The Future

Our Advocates

We don’t just help our customers build engaging advocate communities—we cultivate strong relationships with more than 5,000 of our own advocates too in Influitive VIP. Our customer, partner, and employee advocates have played a significant role in Influitive’s growth, as well as the growth of the advocate marketing category. We couldn’t do it without them!

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Our Awards

Influitive is a leader in Customer Advocacy on G2
Influitive is a leader in Customer Advocacy on G2
Influitive is a leader in Small-Business Customer Advocacy on G2

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Brand Advocacy

Brand Advocacy

Brand Advocacy

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