Toronto, ON – Today Boulder Logic, the leading provider of customer reference management solutions, and Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, announced the integration of their cloud-based marketing platforms. The integration helps B2B marketers to mobilize their advocates and engage them as customer references to close more enterprise sales deals faster.

One of the first organizations to use the integration was Blackbaud Inc., a leading provider of nonprofit software and services and a recent winner of the 2015 Best Advocate Marketing Awards.  Blackbaud Inc. is using the integrated solution to provide a more seamless experience for their customers and enable their marketing team to spend valuable time building meaningful customer relationships.


Michael Beahm, Customer Advocate Marketing Manager for Blackbaud Inc.

“This integration combines the robust customer reference system we need in Boulder Logic to provide sales with the right reference at the right time, and a powerful advocate marketing platform in Influitive to mobilize and develop customer advocates,” explained Michael Beahm, Customer Advocate Marketing Manager for Blackbaud Inc. “It is a big win for our customer marketing team and our customer advocates.”

Boulder Logic and Influitive combine the best practices of advocate marketing and customer reference management, allowing B2B marketers to:

  • Build a community of advocates and engage them in a broad range of marketing activities, including reviews, referrals and video testimonials.
  • Create and manage a customer marketing library that pushes relevant content directly to sales professionals based on their selling situation.
  • Promote selected customers to become full enterprise customer references while protecting these important relationships from overuse.
  • Create a more positive customer experience using rewards and leaderboards that increase customer participation.

“Together, Boulder Logic’s proven enterprise reference management platform and Influitive’s advocate marketing software provide the best possible experience for both sales reps and advocates,” said Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive.

“The way Influitive helps mobilize advocates is very exciting. We are committed to the co-development of our integrated solution for the benefit of our joint customers,” added Joshua Horwitz, CEO of Boulder Logic.

Learn how forward-thinking companies like Blackbaud are collaborating with their advocates to transform their customer reference programs, generate more referrals, engage audiences on social media and more: download 10 Award-Winning Advocate Marketing Success Stories.

About Influitive
Influitive, based in Toronto, Boston and San Francisco, is changing the face of B2B marketing through its innovative AdvocateHub platform and Maven mobile app for advocate marketing. Today’s buyers are leveraging knowledgeable peers at roughly twice the rate than they did even four years ago. Influitive helps marketers capture the enthusiasm of their best customers, followers and evangelists, turning that into direct support through all stages of the buying cycle, from social media reviews and customer referrals to case studies and references. Influitive’s customers include some of most successful and fastest-growing business-to-business software and technology firms in the world. To learn how to get your advocates working with you, please visit

About Boulder Logic
Boulder Logic is the first software provider to offer a packaged solution specifically for managing all areas of an enterprise customer reference program. Companies with complex products and selling cycles benefit by using Boulder Logic products to increase marketing impact and close more sales by better leveraging the testimonials of their existing customers. Boulder Logic is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. For more information, call 800-715-1910 or visit