CMOs: Turn Expensive, Short-Lived, Marketing Events into Long-Lasting Customer Advocacy, Pipeline and Revenue

Boost the ROI of strategic marketing events, programs and campaigns with Influitive’s AdvocateHub Experiences

Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, today introduced AdvocateHub Experiences, new software that enables B2B marketers to maximize the impact of their events with the help of advocates. The product was unveiled today on BAM!TV, Influitive’s new late-night style talk show about the future of B2B marketing.

Technology companies spend one fifth of their marketing budgets on events, according to IDC research. Yet half of CMOs admit that they struggle to make a business case for investment in events, which consume significant time and resources but are over in a flash.

By mobilizing advocates, marketers can turn those short bursts of activity into long-term, measurable brand advocacy, pipeline and revenue.

“Buyers want to see how their peers are solving the same challenges they face. That’s where your advocates come in,” says Mark Organ, founder and CEO of Influitive. “Advocates provide much-needed credibility and social proof to strategic marketing initiatives in a way that conference booths, flyers and ads cannot, no matter how large the budget.”

With AdvocateHub Experiences, marketers can harness the enthusiasm of their company’s biggest supporters before, during and after conferences, trade shows, product launches and key campaigns to build buzz, drive registrations, increase booth traffic, boost social shares and more.

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These uniquely tailored areas within Influitive’s advocate marketing software feature an experience-specific leaderboard, challenges and activity feed so marketers can focus their advocates’ attention and boost advocacy, buzz and engagement related to each event.

“Our advocates love AdvocateHub Experiences, because it makes them feel part of something exclusive,” says Deena Zenyk, Senior Advocate Marketing Manager at SMART Technologies. “This gave us a huge spike in engagement after our event.”

To see AdvocateHub Experiences in action, tune in to BAM!TV starting on Thursday, December 4th at noon.

For more information, please contact:

Jim Williams
VP of Marketing at Influitive

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