Influitive: Advocate Marketing Experts

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What’s covered in the webinar?

As consumers, we rely on dozens of apps and websites to connect us with first hand reviews and recommendations. Now, as communities of interest, review sites and social channels proliferate for business solutions, those same habits are following us into the office.

This “Yelpification of B2B” is well underway and our expectations as buyers have changed forever.

How can forward-thinking businesses manage the buying process when so many potential customers are bypassing marketing and sales and connecting directly with customers? The answer is advocates – fans, evangelists and promoters that passionately share their positive experiences with others.

Watch this webinar with Bill Lee, one of the most respected authority figures on customer advocacy, author of “The Hidden Wealth of Customers” (Harvard Business Press) and President of the Summit on Customer Engagement, and Jim Williams, VP of Marketing at Influitive, the advocate marketing experts as they discuss the opportunities Yelpification offers businesses in the Age of Advocacy.