3 Advanced Advocacy Tactics From A Two-Time BAMMIE Award Winner


What could your team accomplish with an extra few hours in your week? You could finally get around to that project you’ve been wanting to start, or launch a new initiative to help hit your targets more efficiently.

Now think about what your company could accomplish with an extra 9000 hours this year. Seems too good to be true, right?

It’s not—that’s how much time Sarah Schreiner and her team saved for ADP® through their advocate community. The team also managed to grow the community by 147%.

Sarah’s remarkable efforts made her a clear winner of the 2018 Advocate Marketer of the Year BAMMIE Award.

How did she pull this off? In this blog, we’ll meet Sarah and learn more about 3 advanced tactics she has used to grow a successful advocacy community.

Meet Sarah—2018 Advocate Marketer of the Year

Sarah SchreinerSarah Schreiner is Sr. Strategy Analyst at ADP. With years of experience as a communications professional, Sarah has a deep understanding of the power of effective communication to build relationships and advocates.

In 2015 she took on the role of leading ADP’s Ambassador Rewards program and has since elevated it into an award-winning program.

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How Sarah took ADP Ambassadors Rewards to the next level

ADP already had a successful AdvocateHub that they used to engage clients within their business units. But in 2018, they shifted focus to integrating advocacy across various departments and through the entire customer lifecycle.

1. Leveraging single-sign-on to increase membership

Instead of just focusing on a small subset of top advocates, ADP made their community available to all clients via single sign-on (SSO). When clients log into their ADP product, they gain immediate access to the Ambassador community. The community offers delightful moments, useful education, and peer-to-peer networking.

Welcoming all clients into the program allowed ADP to start nurturing advocates immediately. It also gave non-promoters the opportunity to have their feedback heard. This diverse feedback has helped ADP improve both the rewards program and their products.

2. Increasing customer engagement with gamified campaigns

Building on the momentum from implementing SSO, the team also incorporated a campaigns-based approach to advocacy. (Read more about the campaigns-based approach in this blog post.) By creating timely, focused, and gamified campaigns, they were able to drive ROI while also creating a delightful experience for advocates.

Sarah and the team accomplished this by leveraging Influitive’s Campaign Content Library (CCL). To keep both new and old members engaged in the community, they enhanced templated campaigns and personalized these experiences to cater to their Ambassadors.

Screenshot of an outerspace experience made by ADP.

An outer space themed experience to help customers with their “liftoff”

For example, an outer space themed campaign was designed to drive smooth and successful product onboarding. Clients received points for participation that they could redeem for cool prizes. And to instill a sense of competition, they climbed a leaderboard as they accumulated those points.

3. Using customer feedback to support the Product Development team

The team also used the program to solicit feedback on ADP’s products. Since a quality product is table stakes for successful customer advocates, this initiative was crucial to the long-term success of ADP Ambassador Rewards.

To help with this, the team worked with Product Development to automate much of the process of collecting customer feedback through the program. They used targeted challenges to ask the right customer segment for feedback about new products and features. They also set up appointments to gather feedback live. The product development team can now collect valuable feedback without reaching out and asking clients to participate one-by-one.

Screenshot of a challenge by ADP to gather product feedback

A product feedback challenge targeted at clients who use the ADP DataCloud product line

The results of these tactics

By implementing these strategies in their AdvocateHub, ADP accomplished incredible goals:

  • 4,000+ Ambassadors (a 147% increase from last year)
  • 5.7 clients join the Ambassador program each day
  • 9,000+ administration hours saved, as ADP doesn’t need to source clients for feedback manually via Customer Success
  • 14% higher NPS for engaged advocates, compared with the score of ADP’s general customer base
  • 5,075 pieces of ADP content shared, generating 33,435 clicks

Hear more from Sarah in this Advochat webinar about integrating advocacy in different departments of your organization

“Running ADP Ambassador Rewards is fulfilling both personally and professionally, as the program makes a difference for our business and clients,” says Sarah. “We’ve achieved incredible results, and I see more opportunities that will continue to drive our business growth in the future. With advocate marketing, the best is yet to come.”

Download 9 Award-Winning Customer Advocacy Success Stories to read more about Sarah, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how eight other BAMMIE award winners drove ROI through their advocate communities.

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