5 Attributes To Target The Right Customer Advocates

Julie Persofsky

Turning customers into advocates for your company is priceless. At Influitive, my job is to help companies turn their customers into salespeople who’ll gladly promote your service within their spheres of influence. But do you know who to target when searching for that person of influence? When targeting customers as advocates, there are five important attributes I like to keep in mind.

How to identify the right customer advocates


1. Proven track record of their expertise or contributions

Check out social media like Twitter or LinkedIn, or specific user communities that this person might be part of.  See if they contribute in discussion groups or participate in online conversations.

2. They’re respected within your customer community

Be sure that the user has a reputation for producing good content or for being helpful. Have they produced information that’s been shared throughout the community in the past?

3. Helpful, proven, reliable, trustworthy

Does the customer have enough experience with the product to create a reliable advocate review? Check out if they’ve answered other customers’ problems. Have they received positive feedback from recommendations or reviews they’ve created in the past?

4. Strong communication skills

Does the customer support their claims with industry sources and logical reasoning? Are they articulate in their writing? If a customer cannot communicate your company’s information clearly, it can actually negatively effect your company’s image.

5. Part of existing communication platforms

Is the individual already part of any mentorship programs or industry associations? Do they already have a following throughouttheir social media accounts? The ideal candidate is someone who has created reviews in the past. Be sure that your customer isn’t creating a brand new account simply for spreading your company’s message.

No matter which industries, titles, or sizes of companies you want to target, I always make sure that they’re within the framework of the five attributes mentioned above. This will give your company the best chance to use your advocates as references to your prospecting prospects.

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