5 Sales Hacks That Turn Prospects Into Advocates

While most companies tend to think of customer satisfaction as something that happens once the client has signed a contract, the customer experience actually begins the moment someone interacts with your brand.

But it’s not all about first impressions. Every touchpoint along the way can turn someone from a detractor into an advocate – or, unfortunately, the other way around. Especially the sales process. If you’ve ever hung up the phone after a sales call feeling more annoyed than helped, you know what I mean.

There is a lot sales professionals and leaders can do to eliminate negativity from their interactions to ensure they’re converting prospects into future advocates.

Sales Hacker recently published their list of 16 Sales Hacks You Should Know from their past events. Here I’ve selected five that, when used together, are almost guaranteed to turn prospects into advocates into customers.

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1. Salespeople should behave like mini marketers

Tawheed Kader, CEO of ToutApp

“Salespeople are able to do some much more in less time with all of the new technology available to them. Technology allows the rep to share relevant content their prospects might find valuable at scale.”

2. Specialize your sales team

Aaron Ross, CEO of Predictable Revenue

“Dedicate reps to manage inbound sales, and dedicate separate reps to manage Outbound prospecting. After qualification by those teams, the deals go to the Account Executives AKA deal closers. After the deal closes, then Customer Success gets the account (these are your ‘farmers’ that cross sell and upsell.) Keep everyone specialized and focused on what they do best.”

3. Finding the reason and the right time to connect makes all the difference

John Barrows, CEO of John Barrows Sales Training

“Use public info on social media like LinkedIn and Twitter, or an app like GageIn, to find triggers that allow you to reach out using valid information at precisely the right time. Triggers include job changes, fundraising, positive press, etc.”

4. Become a hero maker

Farlan Dowell, VP of Sales at Upsight

“Remember to keep your champion uppermost in your mind when dealing with corporate buyers. Your champion cares more about themselves individually than he or she does about their company. Often their highest priority is their salary, not equity or stock like you may have. Make your champion look good to their boss. Be sure to provide the tools they need to sell upwards. Make them a hero.”

5. Ask for a referral soon after the deal closes

Emmanuelle Skala, VP of Sales at Influitive

“This is a great piece of advice salespeople often forget. You just closed a deal and if you did your job right, both parties are pretty happy. Take this time to ask for a referral. Make sure you frame it as if your account is doing the person they’re referring a favor. If your new customer truly believes he or she just secured a deal on something of value, they’ll be happy to make the referral.”

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