Spring has sprung, and you know what that means… spring cleaning is in full swing!

While you’re sweeping out cobwebs at home, don’t forget to give your advocate marketing program a deep clean too.

Freshening up parts of your AdvocateHub that you haven’t looked at in a while (no judgement!) will make it easier to engage your advocates and give them the best possible experience in the coming year.

Here are our top five tips for giving your advocacy program a well-deserved spring clean.

Step 1: Understand your advocates’ favorite activities

Take the time to identify volunteers for various Challenge types that you may have coming down the pipeline. Ask advocates what activities they’d like to participate in the most (acting as a reference, speaking at events, writing a blog, etc.).

Then, segment customers into groups based on their interest in participating in each activity.

You can also begin educating each segment on how best to be a reference, create content for your brand, or apply to speak at an event with educational campaigns.

This way, you can quickly leverage a group of eager advocates for any specific asks you foresee in the coming quarter.

Step 2: Archive old Challenges

When a Challenge is no longer relevant, it’s time to archive it. An archived Challenge is no longer visible and can’t be completed by advocates, but it’s saved in case you want to reference it in the future.

Not sure if a Challenge is still relevant? We suggest archiving any Challenges that are older than three months to keep your program relevant and fresh.

Don’t forget to revisit your onboarding Challenges to make sure no links or messaging have expired.

Step 3: Refresh your rewards

Is your AdvocateHub cluttered with holiday or winter-themed rewards? Time to give them the heave-ho for spring!

Make sure to update your rewards catalogue with warm-weather items and new experiences to keep your advocates motivated and earning points. Need some inspiration? Try these on for size:

  • Upcoming 2018 industry conference tickets
  • Beach bag with program branded swag—like sunglasses, beach towels, camping gear, etc.
  • Luggage or passport holder for summer vacations

Refresh your rewards every season so they are relevant and exciting for your advocates. Also, make sure to promote your new rewards with a Challenge.

This way, advocates know they’re new and are motivated to complete Challenges for the chance to earn some of them—before the season ends and they’re all gone. Time-bound rewards also leverage the scarcity principle, making the prizes seem even more appealing to advocates.

Step 4: Add some seasonal flair to your branding

A holiday-themed banner is great for the winter months, but with spring on the horizon, those snowy landscapes should give way to new blooms.

Warm up your AdvocateHub’s branding with some spring-themed banners and badges (think pastels, flowers, and beach scenes.) This will help your advocates shake off the winter blues and re-energize them to engage with your program. Keeping your branding relevant and seasonal increases advocate excitement and will boost their program participation.

Here’s a look at our Spring Break theme for some inspiration!

example of vip advocatehub spring design

example of vip advocatehub spring design

example of vip advocatehub spring design

Step 5: Analyze “Why Did You Leave?” Emails

It’s important to understand why advocates aren’t engaged into your program.

Advocates who have not logged into your AdvocateHub within the past 60 days receive an email asking for feedback on why they are inactive.

It’s hugely advantageous to analyze the results of your “Why Did You Leave?” responses (found in the Advocates tab under Reporting). This can not only help you potentially re-engage advocates, but can also provide you with invaluable feedback for improving your program in the future.

After you analyze your results, check out this InfluiTip video for ideas on re-engaging inactive advocates with Discussions, Badges and more!

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