Can You Achieve Advocate Marketing Success In Just 5 Hours Per Week?

Truman Tang

The answer is...yes!

I still have time for at least one cup of coffee per day, which I always sip from my “Unleash Your Advocates” Influitive mug.

If you’re given the opportunity to run an advocate marketing program, you likely already have a million things on your plate.

Your daily responsibilities might include building your brand, planning webinars, managing your social networks and collecting customer testimonials, references and referrals.

If you add advocate marketing to the mix, will you have any time left for your morning coffee?

The answer is…yes! From my experience, you don’t need to spend a ton of time on advocate marketing to see ROI.

If you use your time wisely, you can see significant results by investing as few as five hours per week into your program.

Here’s how I do it:

Spend 30 minutes a day engaging with advocates

The half hour that I spend building relationships with advocates is the most important part of my day. I log into Influitive’s AdvocateHub first thing in the morning to check my messages and respond to advocates. Replying to them quickly helps me drive engagement.

Batch administrative tasks to save time

In addition to engaging with advocates, I use those first 30 minutes to view our metrics and see if we are reaching our advocate marketing goals. I also track rewards to see which advocates still need recognition.


My August goals thus far. So far so good!

Spend 2-3 hours a week creating challenges

I like to send out challenges on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as our advocates are the most active on these days. I also make sure that I’m sending out the right mix of challenges to increase engagement in my hub.

I’ve found that the following mix engages advocates the best:

  • One-third educational challenges, such as learning how to get the most out of our software.
  • One-third asks, such as providing a referral or leaving a product review.
  • One-third fun content, such as jokes, contests and puzzles.

Use the right tools

An advocate marketer’s job goes far beyond technology, but having the right tools helps. My AdvocateHub is essential as it automates a lot of my tasks, tracks my goals, and gives me feedback that helps me better engage our advocates.

I also use Excel to dig into some of my data and Evernote to track what I need to do in the upcoming weeks.

Get other departments involved


Caution: Advocate marketers at work.

The more departments you involve, the greater your ROI. This also decreases the amount of time you’ll spend coming up with new challenges, as your co-workers will have plenty of ideas.

We have an advocate marketing committee that includes people from every department who each want different things from the program.

For example, the product development team wants to feedback on our latest features, customer success wants our NPS score, the sales team wants references and marketing wants leads.

On Mondays, I email a summary to the committee, so they can see if we are reaching their goals.

The best thing you can do…

The most important thing to do is spend time every day engaging with your advocates. Show them that you value their participation in your program. The more they feel valued, the more they will advocate for you.

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