#advocatemktg Twitter Chat Recap: Social Media And Advocate Marketing

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Advocate marketing is all about engaging with your customers and building stronger relationships with them. In return, this will lead to stronger companies, more effective marketing strategies, and a more efficient sales process. These advocates may be your employees, customers, partners etc., and your advocate marketing program is probably not the only place where they’re actively engaged with your brand or the broader community in your industry.

Each of your biggest advocates is probably an avid social media user too. They are your ideal followers, responders, and content generators who are willing to share and like content that you create. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, GooglePlus…you name it – they’re on it.

Put the two together, and what do you get? An awesome advocate marketing strategy.

Advocate marketing and social media are complementary in many ways which allow marketers to leverage both new and existing customers to create and share content. Social media is a principal delivery channel for advocate marketing content. It’s a place where your advocates not only share the content you create, but also become the content creators themselves.

Before beginning to engage your advocates on social media, you need to identify who those special people are. These advocates are the ones who create buzz about your company – because they love you! The most effective social network to discover new advocates seems to be Twitter. By keeping track of your mentions and hashtags, you can identify those who are having conversations about your company and reach out to them. Praise them and show heartfelt appreciation for their engagement, then find a way to contact them and thank them personally. From there, you can invite them into your advocate marketing program.

Engaging your advocates on social media can be done in a variety of ways. You can leverage them to share news and content with just a bit of encouragement. Give shoutouts, give rewards, and get creative. Create and curate content relevant to your advocates, then watch the sharing unfold!

We turned to a group of B2B marketers on Twitter and discussed the ways that social media and advocate marketing are related. Social media is where the conversation and buzz happens, and by combining this with your advocate marketing strategy, you are guaranteed some amazing results.

Check out the highlights from the chat below and then join us for the next Advocate Marketing Twitter Chat on November 20th at 2PM ET (11AM PT), when we’ll be discussing employee advocacy!

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Topic: Employee Advocacy

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