#advocatemktg Twitter Chat Recap: How To Get Buy-In (And Budget) For Your Advocate Marketing Program

marketing & budget,jigsaw puzzle designThe concept of advocate marketing is still fairly new in the eyes of marketers, but the idea of creating a personal connection with your customers is one that is becoming increasingly important. The age of the customer marketer is among us, and it’s time to take action! But the question is, how do you get buy-in and budget for an advocate marketing program?

What exactly does buy-in entail, you may ask? It entails getting sponsorship from stakeholders and the folks who have had previous success with advocate marketing programs.

Stakeholders are probably the biggest obstacles that stand in the way from making the decision to implement an advocate marketing program. These stakeholders include heads of marketing, heads of sales, or heads of any department because they are the ones that hold the money to the vault.

This may seem like a daunting list of people that you have to persuade, but if you can prove the value that an advocate marketing could have on your company, you can push your conceptualization into production very quickly!

We turned to a group of B2B marketers through our bi-weekly #advocatemktg Twitter Chat and asked them how they successfully received the buy-in and budget to implement advocate marketing programs at their companies.

To overcome the hesitation that your stakeholders might have, present them with qualitative and quantitative data. Presenting them with a clear plan, testimonials from other companies who have successfully implemented their advocate marketing program, and concrete statistics will definitely gain you some support (and maybe even a hefty budget to help you get started)!

Doing something that hasn’t been done before is never easy, but can have a tremendous impact!

Check out the highlights from the chat below and then join us for the next Advocate Marketing Twitter Chat on Thursday, October 9th at 2PM ET (11AM PT), when we’ll be discussing best practices for keeping advocates engaged.

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Topic: best practices for keeping advocates engaged

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