An Idea THIS BIG Needs Its Own Event: Introducing Advocamp

I blogged a while ago about my experience founding two SaaS companies and reflected on why I’m drawn to such a crazy, high pressure career. I realized that what really fires me up is the Big Idea. As an entrepreneur, I’m driven to bring the right people together around this big idea and work side by side to build not just a successful software company, but a better world that we’re all excited to live in.

The big idea I’m so excited about is the power of advocacy and its potential to transform companies when harnessed. Like all big ideas, this one needs to be explored, debated and discussed by the industry’s best and brightest at an industry event. So we are hosting one: Advocamp.

Advocamp: the biggest customer engagement and advocacy event of the year
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But first, the big idea: the future belongs to companies that develop and mobilize advocates as their primary goal.  Not just ‘satisfied customers.’ Not just people who promise to recommend you in an NPS survey. Advocatesthe fans, evangelists and promoters that actively share their positive experiences with businesses in person or on the social web. Their voice is more powerful than any marketing tool at your disposal. In fact, your very brand is defined not just by your customers’ experience, but by “what they say about it when you are not in the room,” according to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Igniting a groundswell of advocacy requires the careful management of the customer experience across the enterprise. Not just by marketers. Not just by customer success professionals, or product managers, or executives. All of them – together.  Advocacy is by its nature interdisciplinary, but I have not found a conference dedicated to one topic that spans such a diverse set of stakeholders.

That’s why I’m delighted to introduce Advocamp—a very new new type of conference that brings together the thought leaders, visionaries and practitioners who are passionate about making it happen. Advocamp is the world’s first conference focused on helping you turn your excitement about advocacy into a defined business strategy.

The CMO’s Guide To The Next Gen Customer Experience
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We’ve carefully designed Advocamp as a highly interactive experience that maximizes opportunities for discovery, networking and big ideas that will fuel the future of business.

A big part of that experience in 2016 was the 20+ AMP Talks presented by some of the brightest minds in business today, many of whom I’ve personally invited to speak at the event:

nir eyalNir Eyal, Author of Hooked – Nir’s expertise on the psychology of how habit-forming products engage us inform some of the most successful behavioral engineers in the biz.

KeithKeith Ferrazzi, Author of Never Eat Alone – According to Keith, building a lifelong community around yourself and your business one relationship at a time is the only way to succeed. I couldn’t agree more.

bill mBill Macaitis, CMO of Slack – While CMO at Zendesk, Bill systematically measured how customer success reduces CAC. Now, Bill and his colleagues at Slack are building and marketing one of the most addictive business tools I’ve seen in a long time, so I’m excited to learn how they do it.

robRob Meinhardt, Founder of Dell KACE –  While CEO of KACE, Rob built a powerful brand backed by a pioneering approach to customer advocacy that even the most sophisticated businesses are only starting to experiment with today.

These short, high-energy sessions will educate, inspire and delight you by exploring new models of engagement designed to develop and mobilize your advocates.

We’re excited to see what great minds we can bring on this year!

What I’m most looking forward to, however, are the unique networking opportunities in between these thought-provoking talks. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet each and every one of you who are working extremely hard to bring our collective big idea to life at organizations around the world.

Visit to learn more and save your seat today. For you bargain hunters out there, Summer Special pricing is in effect until August 31st!

See you at Advocamp in December!

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