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An Easy Strategy For Maintaining B2B Customer Engagement Month After Month: Rinse-and-Repeat Advocacy

So you’ve just launched an advocacy program to help regularly engage your customers. Congratulations! Your advocates have signed up, you’ve started them off with some interesting activities, your manager congratulates you, and then… …you panic. But why? You know your program goals backwards and forwards. You’ve got the green light, and the budget is locked down Continued

Spark A Movement Behind Your Brand By Turning Your Advocates Into A Tight-Knit Team

Working from home is luxurious. Who could say no to a 20 foot commute, the ability to instantly switch from one meeting to the next (no desperate sprints between conference rooms) and typing in comfort while your dog snores at your feet? I could. I could say no right now, and for one reason: lack Continued

The Most Powerful Reward In An Advocate Marketer’s Arsenal: The Must-Meet List

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Chances are you’ve got a must-meet list in your head, even if you don’t realize it. In fact, if I asked you right now you’d probably come up with a name or two in seconds. I’ve got a must-meet list as well and so does everyone Continued