Can Your Advocates Nurture Your Leads For You?

Creating content is hard and “good” content is even harder. But developing content that actually converts visitors into leads, and leads into customers, can seem like an impossible task.

What is it, exactly, that transforms someone from a random consumer of your content into a paying customer?

Well, as it turns out, it’s more likely to be a lot of little things that add up over time – not necessarily just one blog post, eBook, webinar or email that does the trick. At any given time, about half of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy, according to Gleanster Research.

That’s why a third of B2B marketers have developed lead nurturing programs to keep their visitors, leads and prospects engaged with their diverse arsenal of content on an ongoing basis – even when they’re not necessarily looking for it.

As this infographic by Pardot shows, nurtured leads:

  • Are more likely to become sales-ready
  • Cost less 33% less
  • Produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities
  • Make 47% larger purchases

While most sales and marketing teams would probably be over-the-moon happy with those kinds of increases, the concept of lead nurturing on its own doesn’t necessarily take into account what kind of content is most relevant and valuable to potential customers, and more importantly, more likely to convert them into customers. They’re looking for genuine experiences, opinions and results from their peers in the form of product reviews, case studies, referrals, video testimonials, social media and other user-generated content.

So, how much of that stuff makes up your lead nurturing program? How many happy customers trickle into your leads’ inboxes via your lead nurturing emails? How many advocates do they encounter as they pass through your funnel?

If you didn’t answer “a lot”, don’t worry – you’re not alone. After all, how much of the nurturing content you receive as an individual is missing this crucial ingredient? (Here’s a guess: most of it.)

We’ll be sharing the many ways B2B companies can make their lead nurturing programs more engaging and effective with advocates during our webinar with BlueBird Strategies this Friday.

Webinar: 7 Ways To Turbocharge Lead Nurturing Programs with Advocate-Generated Content

Hear Chris Newton, VP of Business Development at Influitive, and Amy Cole, Demand Generation Best Practices Consultant at BlueBird Strategies, explain how to mobilize your fans and advocates to help generate new material that will engage your leads and propel opportunities ahead toward wins.

Amy and Chris also share a number of lead nurturing best practices, how you can incorporate your advocates into 7 different types of content and how to optimize those pieces of content for nurturing programs.

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