Customer Success Trends To Watch For At Gainsight Pulse 2015

Frank Del Pinto

gainsight-pulse-blue-backgroundCustomer Success teams face a lot of challenges.

That’s why I enjoy meeting up with other CS professionals to discuss how we can improve our craft. And there’s no opportunity I look forward to more than Gainsight’s Pulse conference (May 12 to 13 in San Francisco).

At this year’s conference, I’ll be a part of two presentations about strategies CS teams can adopt to become more efficient and deliver a better customer experience.

Here’s a what you can expect to learn if you attend these sessions:

1. Communicate customer stories more efficiently with the rest of your organization.

Sometimes CS can be the bottleneck keeping knowledge of our customers from other departments in our organizations. (Did I just say that out loud? Whoops!) By getting around this issue, your whole company will become more efficient.

farkhanda_z_fliptopSomeone who does this brilliantly is Farkhanda Zhublawar, Director of Customer Success at Fliptop. She is part of a fast growing start-up that has limited resources but a demanding customer base. In addition, the product and marketing teams are constantly hounding her for customer feedback and testimonials.

To better facilitate customer-to-customer interactions and help the product and marketing teams, Farkhanda started the Fliptop LeadersCircle advocate program. This portal encourages Fliptop’s advocates to network with one another, and allows Fliptop’s internal teams to request information directly from customers. Through the program, Farkhanda was able to get a five star online review without involving the CS team, and generated video testimonials for the marketing team.

See her talk, ‘Building an Army of Advocates: The Art and Science of Social Proof’, on Wednesday at 1:30 pm, to find out how to clear those bottlenecks.

2. Create a ‘Customer-Oriented Digital Stack’

Having a coordinated set of technologies that help you manage and support a growing customer base is a must.

jean_marc_b_hpJean Marc Bronoel, VP of Customer Success at HP Software, says that every organization must have a “Customer-Oriented Digital Stack” to improve the customer experience and make your team more efficient.

His division of HP uses Gainsight, Salesforce, Influitive, G2 Crowd and IT Central Station to help improve the customer experience, generate leads and capture the voice of the customer. This unique tech stack resulted in a 138% increase in referenceable customers.

Every tech stack will look different, but Jean Marc emphasizes the importance of defining the optimal set of tools that will benefit your CS team, based on your objectives.

To hear Jean Marc speak, come to the ‘Impact of Advocacy and References on Customer Success’ panel on Wednesday at 4:15pm.

If you’re attending Pulse, swing by Influitive’s booth for the chance to unlock the key to customer success—and a chance to take home $100 in cash!

I hope to see you there!

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