Dreamforce 2015: 5 Things You Need To Do

Yeehaw! It’s almost time to saddle up for Dreamforce 2015.

Famed speakers, rip-roaring sock hops and the chance to wet your whistle with your peers means you’ll be one busy buckaroo during the event.

However, there’s always a few special activities the smartest pioneers make time for.

Here’s five things we think you should be on the lookout for at this year’s Dreamforce.

1. Earn cold, hard cash

Influitive needs your help to round up some of the ‘Most Wanted’ people in the B2B marketing software space. Lasso one of them and bring ‘em to our booth for a $100 cash bounty ($50 for you, $50 for your bounty)! See the Most Wanted list here.wanted

Not much of a hunter? Mosey over to our booth and share an act of advocacy you’ve done for a company you’re sweet on (like write a review, share their content, etc.). and you’ll be rewarded with a mason jar containing a mystery cash bounty inside!

Influitive’s booth @ Moscone North #2104

2. Put on your dancin’ boots!

Want to unwind after a long day of bounty hunting? Come to the best celebration this side of the Mississippi! Join Influitive at the #B2BFusion Un-Masquerade Party. Network with other fine B2B marketing professionals and enjoy tasty grub and moonshine all night long. RSVP for the party now.


September 15th, 9 p.m. to midnight @ Temple Nightclub

3. Learn how to corral your customers and employees

Have your customer and employee engagement programs become ghost towns (tumbleweeds and all)? Let Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive, and Corinne Sklar, CMO of Bluewolf, tell you how fast-growing companies boost brand awareness and spur demand, revenue and customer retention using the perfect blend of gamification and advocacy. In this session, you’ll discover the four essential elements of all successful gamification programs, how to build the business case for advocate marketing, and the best measure success for continued innovation.


September 17th, 1:30 PM @ Metreon AMC Theaters, Theater 8

4. Visit a new watering hole

OpenLounge15 copy

Take a break from the rodeo and head on down to InsideView’s OpenLounge Marketing Technology Panel for a change of pace. You’ll get to hear some mighty smart people (like Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio; Evan Liang, CEO of Lean Data; and Yaron Zakai-Or, CEO of SalesPredict) spill how you can build a sturdy, consistent pipeline with your marketing technology. The bonus? You’ll also get your hands on free wifi, snacks, drinks, charging stations and comfy seating. Click here to register and view the daily schedule.

Sept. 15th to 17th, 23 Geary St.

5. Start a stampedeof customer advocates

web_ad_1a (1)

Did you know that 28 Dreamforce sponsors are leveraging the power of their advocates to boost their marketing initiatives? If you want to know more about how to herd your advocates and create a stampede behind your brand, come meet with the prospectors at Influitive. We’ll explain how you can muster up an advocate marketing program that consistently generates sales acceleration gold: positive word of mouth and social proof for your product.

Moscone North #2104or set up an appointment.

Don’t be a lone ranger at Dreamforce 2015!

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