Engagio Joins the Influitive Family

Advocate Marketing combines with social conversations platformToday, we’re announcing that Influitive has acquired Engagio, the social conversations startup located in Toronto, ON.

Influitive is excited to welcome the Engagio team to its staff and to incorporate some of the best aspects of their Social Conversations product into Influitive’s future product iterations. The combination of Engagio and Influitive will create the type of visionary product that B2B advocate marketing needs.

I’ve known William Mougayar, CEO and co-founder of Engagio, for over two years, when I was moonlighting at the Xtreme Labs offices while Influitive was in the early development stages. His product and team will allow us to more quickly achieve our vision for an advocate-centered sales model. Having the technology behind Engagio to add to Influitive’s innovative B2B product knocks down one of the main barriers to overcome and gives you the ability to have your advocates show up at the right time, in the right conversation and tip the scales in your favor.

Influitive is based on a vision in which B2B marketing continues to evolve from the push mentality of a decade ago to today’s content-oriented ‘pull’ mentality in a role focused on matching buyers with advocates to get direct user feedback. After all, that’s how many of us choose to make purchase decisions today as consumers. With the launch of AdvocateHub last year, we took significant steps towards this vision and today our customers are experiencing significant benefits across a range of marketing and sales metrics.

But you need more than just a sexy platform for mobilizing and recognizing advocates. With so many new social hubs, blogs and community sites, our users need to know exactly where to direct their army of advocates. And that’s where Engagio is such a great fit for Influitive.

Mark Organ and William Mougayar

We’re happy to announce that the entire Engagio team is joining Influitive, and suport them as they pave the way for innovations in Advocate Marketing. The synergies between Engagio and Infltuitive are very strong. The combination of customer advocacy and social engagement is a new frontier. Having visibility into social web conversations is part of the new social marketing mix.

Going forward, we will be integrating several pieces of the Engagio technology into Influitive’s AdvocateHub’s platform. You can expect to see this integration facilitate the tracking, and monitoring of social conversations, as well as provide further intelligence around Advocate activities.

If you want to be one of the first to know when we integrate these features, or just see what Advocate Marketing can do for you, sign-up for a free trial.

Also let me know directly or via the comments here what you think about how we should further leverage the power of Engagio inside the Influitive Advocate Marketing platform. After all, Advocate Marketing is the new Core Business Process.

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5 Responses to Engagio Joins the Influitive Family

  1. Zuzu Gates says:

    Great idea …

  2. Jeffrey Fagan says:

    Congratulations Mark! Glad to see that theings are going well

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  4. John Revay says:

    I am happy for you guys – I have met William on several occasions and found him to be a wonderful person and entrepreneur.

    I was an early user of the engag.io platform and found it to be a wonderful product/ always improving

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