Participate In The First #advocatemktg Twitter Chat On July 31 At 2p.m. ET

As a marketer myself, one of the best things about working for a company that has marketers as customers is that I’m constantly connecting with new people and learning from them as they plan, execute and measure their own marketing strategies. It’s an incredible luxury that not every marketer has, unfortunately.

That’s why Influitive will be hosting the very first Advocate Marketing Twitter Chat on Thursday, July 31 at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT) – so marketers from all different types of organizations can interact and learn from each other, swapping tips, insights and best practices.

#advocatemktg Twitter Chat

Thursday, July 31 at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT)
Topic #1: How to identify your advocates

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Hey, um…what’s a Twitter chat?

Excellent question! For those of you who are new to Twitter chats, here’s a quick explanation:

Blue Bird with LaptopA Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag. This hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it, either on, in a social media engagement tool like HootSuite, or using a website like TweetChat.

The hashtag for the Advocate Marketing Twitter Chat is #advocatemktg.

Twitter chats are usually recurring, taking place on the same day at the same time weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

The Advocate Marketing Twitter Chat will take place every other Thursday at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT).

At the specified time, the Twitter chat host will introduce the topic of the chat and ask a series of numbered questions (e.g., Q2 – What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? #icecreamlovers). As a participant, all you have to do is answer the questions. You can also engage with other participants by replying to their answers with comments, questions or feedback.

Pro tip: Seasoned Twitter chatters also include the question number in their response (e.g., A2 – Mint chocolate chip all the way! #icecreamlovers).

Just don’t forget to include the hashtag #advocatemktg in all of your tweets!


How to participate:

  • Follow @influitive on Twitter.
  • Log into Twitter or your favorite social media engagement tool before the chat begins.
  • Search for the hashtag #advocatemktg.
  • Start responding to questions and engaging with other marketers!

See you in the Twitterverse on Thursday!

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