Five Clues You Aren’t At A Real Tradeshow: All-Virtual Marketo Nation

Right now I’m looking around the virtual exposition hall at all these virtual conference attendees (over 6000 – way to go Marketo!) – taking in the virtual sights and listening to the virtual sounds. I’m virtually enjoying myself, and I have to say I’m happy that Influitive is part of this very real community.

I’m talking of course about Marketo Launchpoint – an ecosystem of compelling solutions for marketers hosted by Marketo. In particular we are at a virtual tradeshow to raise awareness of the program. Influitive is proud to be a part of such a community of forward-thinking people.

Advocate Marketing platform: Influitive

And forward-thinking we must be. Just as marketing automation has brought about a revolution in how we approach our field, so too will advocate marketing. What else has the power to touch as many phases of the lead generation and purchasing cycle? Your advocates can make an impact in virtually every stage of the buying process, from finding leads to nurturing them to closing deals and beyond. And that’s exactly what all these people at today’s event want to achieve.

I urge you to come listen to Mark Organ’s speech at the event: Customer Advocacy & Love – The Next Big Battleground.  Learn how B2B marketers are tapping into the potential of the customers who love them, and how it’s changing the way they approach marketing altogether.

So come check out the event, learn about Launchpoint and Marketo’s Marketing Nation, and while you are here, ponder this:

Five Clues You Aren’t at a Real Tradeshow

  1. You byte the chips, but they taste disgusting.
  2. When chatting in a crowded room, and can actually hear yourself think.
  3. Typing on your computer while talking to someone you just met is totally acceptable.
  4. No swag.
  5. The people in the audience are actually in their underwear.
Influitive on Marketo Launchpoint

So come visit us and see what Marketing Nation – and advocate marketing – is all about.

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