From Hot Company to Cool Vendor in Social Marketing!

customer centric marketing approach is paying offFirst a Hot company, now a Cool vendor! Falling temperatures aside, we’re absolutely delighted to announce Influitive has been included in this year’s list of “cool vendors in social marketing” from Gartner.

Even cooler? We were specifically chosen for having an exclusive focus on the B2B marketer.

“Reference programs, while effective, are time consuming and expensive to sustain,” reads the report, authored by advocate marketing expert Richard Fouts. “With 50% of all B2B purchasing decisions coming from informal peer recommendations, Influitive went to work putting consumer-style advocacy marketing into the hands of the B2B marketer.”

It’s been our ongoing mission to shine a light on the power of customer enthusiasm by taking an advocate or customer-centric marketing approach, and Gartner’s recognition is hugely validating–not only for the growing interest in advocacy as a distinct marketing discipline, but also for the critical role advocates themselves play in boosting revenue.

Case in point: earlier this year we told the story of how we marshaled our advocate resources to respond an analyst’s blog questions about successful advocate marketing programs. Sure, we could have responded ourselves, or requested a briefing.  Instead, we decided to ‘drink our own champagne,’ and issue a challenge using our AdvocateHub platform (check our previous post “How to Turbocharge Your Analyst Relations Program with Advocates“). In a few short hours, the analyst had several detailed responses on his blog from our customers (check that out here).

Our customer-centric marketing approach is more than just cool and social; it aims to bring the collective experience of consumers onto the same playing field as marketers because that’s what marketing is all about now. We’re building a symbiotic relationship between buyer and seller using communication—not just needs—to storm the world of consumerism. And Gartner acknowledges that as well:

“By now, all B2B customer reference managers should be extending their programs into digitally enabled advocacy marketing. In B2B procurements, references are pivotal to closing large deals. But in the digital age, where so many customers are willing to advocate for their favorite providers, B2B marketers must get behind the advocacy marketing movement with the same zeal as their consumer counterparts.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you to our customers, fans and advocates for helping us secure this important recognition and congratulations to the other vendors highlighted by Gartner!

Check out the list in its entirety here.  It’s pretty cool!

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