Hanging Out With InsideSales.com’s Ken Krogue: Gathering B2B Referrals From Advocates

How to cultivate B2B referrals to build your B2B referral program.

Although we often focus on the relationship between marketers and advocates, the reality is that advocates can be an inside sales team’s best friend too. After all, what sales rep wouldn’t want a steady stream of referral leads provided by happy customers and other advocates participating in a B2B referral program?

According to InsideSales.com president and co-founder Ken Krogue, a direct referral lead is over 36x more valuable than a lead generated by a cold call, 10x more valuable than a trade show lead, and at least 4x more valuable than a web lead. Our own data also suggests that B2B referral leads are at least 10x more valuable than inbound web leads.

Influitive CEO Mark OrganOn Friday afternoon, I kicked off my long weekend by joining Ken during his weekly Google Hangout, which covers a wide range of sales-related topics. He invited me to have an in-depth conversation about the value of advocate-generated B2B referrals and how they help inside sales reps close bigger deals, faster.

We also discussed how Influitive is putting a modern twist on the referral process by:

  • Inviting referrers to become part of your team
  • Making the process of providing a B2B referral more engaging and enjoyable
  • Providing better feedback for referrers through AdvocateHub‘s integration with Salesforce.com

Ken and I broke down why B2B referral leads are so valuable, and how to systematically cultivate them with an integrated B2B referral and advocate marketing program that spans across sales and marketing.

You can watch the full video from our discussion below:

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Thanks to Ken, Gabe and the rest of the InsideSales.com team for inviting me to participate in the Hangout. Don’t miss future Hangouts with Ken – follow the #kenshangout hashtag on Twitter and Google+.

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