Video: Hoopla Software’s MVP Program Motivates 200+ Sales Advocates

Truman Tang


Social media can feel like a hamster wheel, where you’re constantly tweeting, liking and sharing but not getting any results.

If your audience is sales professionals, getting social ROI can be even harder. They have their own social selling to do and don’t necessarily want to be sold to along the way.

How do you cut through the clutter to engage sales professionals and boost your brand on social media?

We spent the lazy, hazy days of summer hosting our Summer Ad-Vacation Video Series to show you how you can take a vacation while advocates run your desk.

In the third video, we interviewed Heidi Willbanks, Social Media and Content Manager at Hoopla Software, along with her top advocate Melissa Mundy, Sales Operations Lead Strategist at Nextiva. They share ways you can use customer advocacy to engage sales professionals and boost your social media results.  

Hoopla is a sales motivation platform – like SportsCenter for sales teams. It lets you create sales contests, games and leaderboards around any metric. You can rank reps against each other and broadcast live performance updates throughout your company’s TVs, desktops and mobile devices.

mvp-logo-210x300Hoopla’s advocacy program is called Hoopla MVP – playing into the SportsCenter theme. The main goal of the program is to get advocates to spread the word about Hoopla on social media.

“We want the conversation about Hoopla to be happening everywhere,” says Heidi. “For us, advocates are happy customers who are passionate about our platform and want to help us get the word out.”

Prior to launching its MVP program, Hoopla had many happy customers who were willing to become advocates. However, they weren’t aware of all the ways they could engage with Hoopla.

“Prior to joining Hoopla MVP, I didn’t even know that Hoopla had a blog,” says Melissa. “The advocacy program gives me incentives to join Hoopla’s social communities.”

Incentives alone are not enough to drive advocate engagement

Hoopla kicked off its advocacy program by inviting customers from its database to join MVP. Melissa received one of these invites. She had attended Hoopla’s webinars in the past and joined MVP to get more educational content – as well as recognition for participating.

“Hoopla has a great incentive program,” says Melissa. “They give out prizes and gift cards, which I use to run contests on our sales floor. While my colleagues love the incentives, I keep returning to Hoopla’s AdvocateHub for the content. They offer a lot of useful content that helps me get the most out of the Hoopla platform.”

As Hoopla’s top advocate, Melissa regularly shares Hoopla’s content on LinkedIn and Twitter. She also invites her colleagues to join Hoopla MVP.

“At first, I was telling my colleagues about Hoopla’s really great program, but now they are coming to me and asking for invitations,” says Melissa.  

“We have lots of advocates at Nextiva who are helping us spread the word,” says Heidi. “Overall, we have about 200 advocates who are commenting on our blog posts, sharing our content and registering for our webinars. The hub is a great way for us to engage advocates and get the conversation going.”


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