How To Create A Billion-Dollar SaaS Category: Mark Organ’s Dreamforce 2013 Keynote

Mark Organ's Dreamforce 2013 Founders Forum Session
Why just a build a company when you can create a whole new category instead?

That’s the question that Influitive founder and CEO Mark Organ explored in his packed Founders Forum session at Dreamforce 2013, which ranked as one of the most popular sessions at the conference.

Here’s one really good reason: category creators tend to grow revenue 4x faster and grow market cap 6x faster than those companies that enter a category later on.

Based on Mark’s experience building marketing automation category creator Eloqua, what he’s learned so far as Influitive carves out a brand new category – advocate marketing – a little over a decade later, and his observations on why other powerful category creators, including, Tesla and Keurig, have been so successful, his presentation proposes a whole new framework for category creation:

For a distinct segment of the market,

  • A transformational experience
  • A revolutionary business model
  • Driven by disruptive forces, such as technological change

Check out the original recorded presentation or Slideshare-optimized presentation slides below to learn Mark’s six “zero to IPO” secrets for building a billion-dollar SaaS category.

SlideShare optimized presentation slides

Don’t have time to read it now? Download the presentation on Slideshare.

Original recorded presentation: “How To Create A Billion-Dollar SaaS Category”

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