Influitive Is A Rocking Product For Advanced Content Marketers

This week, the marketing world was buzzing about Influitive – well, Content Marketing World in Cleveland, to be more specific.

Joe Chernov, the VP of Marketing at Kinvey who earned the title of Content Marketer of the Year in 2012, took to the stage to share his list of “10 rocking products for advanced content marketers” and Influitive was lucky enough to be one of those 10.

Influitive = celebrity fan clubs meets B2B marketing

He described Influitive as celebrity fan clubs meets B2B marketing and included us in the content distribution/amplification section of his presentation, defining that term as “solutions designed to expand reach, sometimes through influencer or advocacy programs.” The other sections included content creation/curation and analytics.

Since there are so many new products relevant to content marketing popping up all the time, Joe took the opportunity not just to explain what we do, but also to emphasize why we’re not just a “one hit wonder”. He also highlighted one of our most interesting case studies: Act-On Software’s referral drive, which generated 209 high-quality referral leads in six months, resulting in $180,000 in pipeline, $80,000 of which closed.

Check out the full case study here to learn how Act-On got its fans to refer 200+ awesome sales leads.

The full presentation is embedded below, or you can check it out on Joe’s website.

10 Rocking Content Marketing Products from Joe Chernov

It was also incredible to see how excited the marketers in the audience – both those who already knew about us and those who didn’t – were about Influitive.

Check out some of their tweets:









Thanks, everyone, for your tweets, and to Joe for including us in this “rocking” list of tools for advanced content marketers.

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