Spring is here and the flowers are out just in time for Mother’s Day. While the art of handpicked flower arranging has become slightly out of style (and at times illegal if it’s from a stranger’s garden), the store-bought bouquets are always appreciated.

We decided to put together a 75 second video to celebrate our mothers on their day of universal recognition. After all, they do have the World’s Toughest Job.

Without further ado, let’s get in the Mother’s Day mood and start sharing the love!





Victoria was congratulated by her lovely mom on Facebook when the comment was suppose to be on her LinkedIn profile.

We are all about advocacy and we see mothers as shining examples of advocates who unconditionally do things for you.

Sometimes they may even comment on your Facebook wall when they wanted to congratulate you on your LinkedIn. We know they mean well!


A final treat for you working moms

Mother’s Day

As a working mom we know you have to go through extreme challenges on any given day.

You are part sprinter and part marathoner as you race home each day and embark on the marathon which is dinner, homework then bedtime.

Oh, that last stretch is the hardest as you struggle not to fall asleep so you can have some semblance of a life with your husband, or take 20 minutes to yourself, or spend the time to make a dent in the laundry, dishes or get back to work as so many of us do.

You demonstrate incredible self control not to lose it when your coworkers complain about being Sooo tired or Sooo busy when they have no clue.

No clue what it’s like to be up from 2-5 am with a crying or sick kid three nights in a row. And finally fall back asleep just in time for the next kid to start crying or in time to start your day.

And you have to be smart, with it, sharp, happy, even keeled, calm and on the ball all day at work just so you can go back home and do it again.

Despite the fact that you have no clean clothes or get dressed in silence, and, in the dark you manage to look decent every day. Only showing up to work with your shirt backwards once.

You’ve used the food or baby puke in your hair as a bonding point at a client meeting.

When you were pregnant you had to figure out how to go through your day while avoiding half the office since the smell of coffee, perfume, onions and that weird guy sent you hurling in the bathroom for half an hour.

You had to deal with comments like “wow you’re huge” when pregnant or “baby’s liking those carrots he he” and resist the urge to punch them in the face.

You manage to somehow stay professional when you had to say “night night” to your kid while in a meeting with your boss because you had to work late or were travelling.

And this Mother’s Day, while you are making your own special brunch or cleaning up from the special breakfast that your kids made all on their own we just want to say thanks.

Thank you for taking the time to be our advocate. To spend your precious time supporting us and helping us out.

We know that every second you take is a trade off on something else.

This Mother’s Day we hope you feel loved and appreciated and get a chance to slow down and

– JP and your friends at Influitive