Inside Influitive: Not Your Average Summer Company Party

Influitive just wrapped up it’s fiscal year on June 30th. After a highly successful year, the Influitive team took some time off on July 10th for the annual company summer off-site.

This event was the perfect time for all of us to reconnect as a team and have fun along the way. We were able to reflect on the major strides we made in such a short time, plus the day was jam-packed full of exciting activities!

The first event on the schedule was a customer logo scavenger hunt. We were closing in on 100 customers at the time, so it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate the occasion with a game organized by the marketing team.

Hidden all over the office were a whopping 850 customer logos. Some logos were duplicated while others were more scarce. The object of the game was to find the logos as a team and arrange them on a bingo style card to get more points:


There was just one catch: the teams were tied together! It was a mad dash to find every logo strewn across Influitive HQ. As teams completed their card, they handed it in for us to count up the points a write them on the chalkboard in the boardroom.



After the dust settled, one team was crowned the winner of the Influitive scavenger hunt. Congratulations to Jim, Sydney, Julie and Brad on their victory!


Following the excitement of the scavenger hunt, it was time for a little relaxation. We headed over to Wayne Gretzky’s Oasis rooftop patio to have drinks and socialize as a team. As the afternoon progressed, we began to form our teams for the upcoming Iron Chef challenge!


In total, we had six teams that battled for the title of Influitive Iron Chef Champions. In order to identify each of the teams, we were given different coloured bandanas to wear.

As 4PM approached, it was time to leave the rooftop patio and venture over to Liaison College for the Iron Chef challenge. We all sat with our respective team members in the dining room beside the kitchen.


As everyone settled in, the chefs at the college explained the rules of the challenge and what we would be cooking.

The menu was as follows: mushroom soup to start, chicken with goat cheese for the main dish, and Crêpes Suzette for dessert.


In addition to these meals, we also taste tested three different types of wine during each course. The most interesting part of this challenge was that you had to eat the meal that your team cooked. This was a big motivator to get the job done right!

Once the course was done, everyone would sit down and chow down! We did this for each of the three courses for our meal.

As the competition neared its end, it was time to announce the winners! The rating scale was simple. Each team was judged based on teamwork, communication, sportsmanship and food presentation.

When it was all said and done, the winning team consisted of Sydney, Sabrina, Shane, Fraser, Kory, Scott, Gordon and Jim! They even took home trophies for bragging rights.

Unfortunately, the chefs at Liaison also wanted to recognize the losing team that would be forced to do the dishes (they didn’t really). The losing team, however, did get to take home a trophy. It was less appealing, but a trophy nonetheless. Take a look at their team picture!




The Iron Chef challenge was complete and everyone left feeling full and satisfied. The annual company event was a huge success. It brought us closer as a team and taught us the importance of having fun in between work.

Looking forward to next year’s event – we hope to have even more employees to share it with! We’re growing fast and hiring for a number of roles in Toronto, Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out our Careers page for the most up-to-date information about jobs at Influitive.

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