Introducing The B2B Marketer’s Comprehensive Guide To Advocate Marketing

Until recently, if you were a B2B marketer looking into establishing an advocate marketing program at your organization, you’d have few resources at your disposal to help you get started.

The Advocate Marketing Playbook

That all changes today with the launch of The Advocate Marketing Playbook. Created by sales and marketing consulting and advisory firm TOPO, the Playbook is the senior marketer’s blueprint for building a successful advocate marketing.

It contains everything a B2B marketer needs to build an advocate marketing program from scratch, allowing you to harness the enthusiasm of your customers and other fans, and use it to reach your sales and marketing goals.

“Most CMOs and VPs of Marketing get it – they understand they have advocates, but they need to know what to do next,” Craig Rosenberg, co-founder of TOPO, said today during our webinar.

“That’s why we wanted to create The Advocate Marketing Playbook – comprehensive guidelines but also really tangible worksheets, tips and case studies so that folks can actually go and execute an advocate marketing program.”

The Playbook is divided into five short, easy-to-read sections that take you from the planning stage to inviting and onboarding advocates, engaging and rewarding them, and then measuring and analyzing the results of your program.

Part 1: Your introduction to advocate marketing is available now, and the subsequent four parts will be released throughout the fall.

Part 1: Your introduction to advocate marketing

The Advocate Marketing Playbook is more practical than theoretical, but it still starts out by covering this important question in Part 1: Why advocate marketing?

From there, the Playbook provides a bit of direction about who the information is for and how to use it. We’ll give this one away: The Advocate Marketing Playbook is for marketers, especially those in more senior roles, who want to incorporate customers into their sales and marketing programs in a meaningful and systematic way. And the Playbook should be thought of as a roadmap to guide you through the process of planning and launching your own advocate marketing program.

Then the five pillars of a successful advocate marketing program are introduced. These pillars – planning, identifying and onboarding, engaging, recognizing and rewarding, and measuring – are the foundation of any advocate marketing process, and are covered in much more detail in subsequent parts of the Playbook. Without all five pillars, your advocate marketing program is set up to fail.

Finally, Part 1 is rounded out by an inspiring use case (a marketing automation software company’s referral drive) that demonstrates the power of advocate marketing programs, especially when it comes to generating referrals, and a helpful worksheet to get you started. Download Part 1 now.

The rest of the Playbook

Parts 2-5, covering the following topics, will be released throughout the fall:

  • Part 2: Laying the foundation for a world-class advocate marketing program
  • Part 3: From planning to identifying and onboarding advocates
  • Part 4: Engaging and rewarding your advocates
  • Part 5: Tracking and analyzing the results of your advocate marketing program

You can ensure you don’t miss a single step along the way simply by downloading Part 1 – the subsequent parts will be sent to you by email as they are released. No need to re-register each time!

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