Is the Era of VPs of Marketing Over?

Flite recently posted a guest blog from Lars Leckie, managing director of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, where Lars puts forth that the era of VPs of marketing will be ending soon.

Lars makes a strong case for the disappearing – or at least evolving – role of the VP of marketing.  While the title may stick around, the function will be changing drastically.  And while we know new technologies and new marketing platforms will play a significant role in the new marketing environment, there are other factors as well.

This change will also be driven by openness to the new world of marketing.  Traditional VPs of marketing can fall into the trap of simply doing what has worked in the past.  Often this takes the form of 100% outbound, interruption-based marketing, without any inbound or social marketing.  We predict those VPs and their companies will be less and less successful — because that’s just not how people buy today.  As a result, those marketers will spend more money for decreasing results.

Instead, the new marketing leaders will use advocacy, social, viral, mobile and more to get significantly better results with a much higher return on investment. Marketing is all about leverage, and these channels provide exponentially better reach and intimacy at a scale that’s never before been possible. These leaders will be the victors.

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