Dell’s Cindy Meyners Tops The SiriusDecisions Summit Hub Leaderboard

At this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit, thousands of professionals gathered to learn about and discuss the theme of sales and marketing alignment.

The topic is a hot one within organizations across industries and everyone was eager to learn more. That includes us at Influitive. We couldn’t resist the chance to attend one of the largest gatherings of B2B marketing leaders.

The Summit was put on by SiriusDecisions – a leading global B2B research and advisory firm – as a forum for sharing the firm’s latest insight, data, models and frameworks.

Attendees from Fortune 500 companies and major small to medium-sized enterprises flock to the annual conference seeking ways to drive better results and to learn about technology and services that power B2B businesses.


Aligning with attendee goals

While SiriusDecisions has a reputation for putting on a high-quality event, the flood of information and whirlwind of sessions at the Summit can overwhelm even the most seasoned event attendees.

To help participants get the most from their conference experience, we launched the SiriusDecisions Summit Hub. Though this community was not officially part of the Summit, we kept it related to the Summit theme: the idea was to keep attendees aligned with the event from beginning to end.

Through the Summit Hub community, participants could keep up to date on the latest event happenings and network with other attendees.

Using our AdvocateHub application, we invited Summit attendees to complete “challenges” like checking in at vendor booths and sharing photos from the conference. As Hub members completed challenges, they earned points toward prizes.

Cindy Meyners Selfie at SummitRising to the top

Cindy Meyners, Sales Training and Enablement Program Manager at Dell, jumped right in.

And in spite of fierce competition from her manager and other participants, she walked away with the top prize of a $1,000 outing for Dell’s sales and marketing teams.

Because her role at Dell is bringing the marketing and sales teams closer together and in alignment with overall company goals, Cindy consulted the entire group to decide how they’ll use the prize: for a day at the spa.

“We’re looking forward to getting out of the office early some afternoon and interacting as a single team.”

Tapping into a competitive nature

According to Cindy, she and her manager are both quite competitive, and were intrigued when they received the Influitive email invitation to participate.

“Not only did I want to win the grand prize, I wanted to beat my boss in the process! I also personally thought it would be a good way for me as a first-time attendee of the Summit to better prepare and know what to expect.”

Cindy Meyners Dinner Gala

Cindy Meyners’ photo of the SiriusDecisions Summit dinner gala

Challenged from start to finish (in a good way)

By participating in pre-event challenges, Cindy got a feel for the types of discussions to be had and information that would be shared. “That got me excited to attend the Summit.”

Once the conference got underway, Cindy liked challenges to snap photos of interesting business cards or of other attendees. “This forced me out of my comfort zone and got me talking to folks I may not have met otherwise.”

Cindy even enjoyed the challenge of photographing a vendor booth because it helped her get familiar with the event layout.

But let’s not forget Cindy’s competitive nature: “Of course, the challenges with the highest point value grabbed my attention since those were my path to higher standings.”

Getting more from the SiriusDecisions Summit experience

According to Cindy, the challenges helped her get a good sense of the topics to be covered, and helped her stay focused on relevant Summit sessions. And they even reminded her to do fun things like attend the Ice Bar party.

Plus, Cindy appreciated the entertainment factor. “The gamification around learning made it exciting and fun to participate – much more so than if I had gotten the same information by reading an email or document. And I can’t deny it – the competitive aspect kept me jazzed up. My manager and I were running neck-and-neck for most of the conference so we were both constantly checking our smartphones to see our standings and learn about new challenges.”

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