Multi-Year Research Reveals Keys to Customer Loyalty, Revenue and Profits

Influitive, Inc., the Advocate Marketing Experts, today unveiled the results of multi-year study aimed at better understanding the complex relationship between B2B organizations and their customers. Conducted in close collaboration with American Psychological Association (APA), United States Chamber of Commerce, the Federal Trade Commission and other key organizations, the landmark research project suggests that today’s business efforts designed to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales fall far short of their goals. Further, the study recommends that businesses instead adopt a few surprisingly easy-to-implement strategies that are proven to boost results across virtually every leading business performance metric.

Based on more than 2 million in-depth interviews and surveys, the report, entitled “Human User Growth Strategy” or HUGS shows that these tactics result in massive business improvements: deep hugs, fist bumps, kisses (on the cheek), massages and chest bumps.

“We were absolutely blown away by the conclusions of this research! It was definitely a ‘slap on the head’ moment,” said Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive and primary driver of the research project. “I’ve spent countless hours huddled with executives evaluating strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and increase customer lifetime value, when all that was needed is a hug!”

Surprisingly, the tactics outlined in the study significantly outperform ‘classic’ customer service tactics like multi-year discounts, dedicated account management teams and 24 hour service lines.  Performance improvements were noted in customer satisfaction, net promoter score, customer lifetime value, revenue growth and stock price. 

The HUGS research project complements medical research showing that social contact including human touch can reduce stress and pain and is critical to an infant’s development. Similarly, social contact used in business situations leads to openness, trust and a sense of belonging for customers. These are the fist steps to customer loyalty and advocacy.

Visitors can download the entire report and its conclusions at this link.

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  1. We are implementing this strategy immediately. I’m almost embarrassed that we weren’t starting and ending every customer meeting with hugs. We will lead this trend by example.

  2. says:

    Happy April Fools’ Day, Julie 😉

  3. Great post Jim. Where can I get a reference to the HUGS study or where can I read more 🙂

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