Why Marketers Are Facing A Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

For decades, B2B marketers have put themselves at the center of all communications with their customers and prospects…

“Contact us!”

“Watch a demo!”

“Sign up to test-drive our software!”

With the rise of the social web, customers are changing how they gather information. They’re bypassing corporate content to learn about products from their colleagues, peers and social networks. However, marketers are still blasting customers with messages that ask them to “click here” or “contact sales.”

This has resulted in a pandemic of epic proportions.

Why did we create Pandemic?

If you’re reading this, you may have played Pandemic, the interactive online contest in which your team raced against the clock to save humanity from a catastrophic virus. If that’s the case, I hope you have emerged healthy and victorious.


Whether you played or just happened to click through to this post on your own, you’re probably wondering why we created Pandemic.

After all, Influitive’s AdvocateHub isn’t a contest or true gaming platform. Our clients don’t create role-playing contests with our software. They mobilize their customers, fans and evangelists – whom we call “advocates” – to share their awesome brand experiences.

So, why did we create an online interactive contest that has nothing to do with advocacy?

It’s because we wanted to address a different pandemic. While Hollywood depicts pandemics as contagious diseases, we think the real pandemic is mundane marketing – or marketing that always comes from the marketer. This boring, corporate-driven marketing is a disease that quickly spreads from business to business.

Is your marketing infected?

If your marketing department delivers and attempts to control all of your messaging, you’re infected. But you’re not alone…

The Pandemic has been spreading rapidly in the past few years, as marketers acquire more and more tools, software and apps that make it easy for them to blast out content – email campaigns, social media posts, thought leadership. True, some of the content is good…but it always originates from marketing departments.

Buyers and customers are tired of it. They are sick of campaigns and sick of hearing from corporations. No matter how valuable the content, buyers won’t trust it if it comes from a marketing department.

How to cure the marketing pandemic

Today’s buyers prefer to get messages from people they know and trust. Just as they rely on Yelp for reviews of local businesses, they also turn to their peers for advice on B2B products. In fact, a recent Google study found that 60% of B2B technology buyers seek peer reviews before they make a purchase.

This means that there’s only one way to end this pandemic: by democratizing your message. Marketing must step away from the microphone and cede the floor to more authentic, committed and passionate messengers – your advocates.

Buyers are more willing to listen to your advocates than to your marketing department. Leads referred by advocates are four to 10 times more valuable than regular leads, resulting in shorter sales cycles, increased win rates and larger order sizes.

The more marketing steps back and empowers customers to spread the word through their networks, the quicker you can cure the Pandemic.

Are you and your team ready to end the pandemic once and for all?

INF-Pandemic-LayersStart by identifying three non-employees who are likely to promote your company’s message and interests.

These might be customers, partners, investors or other stakeholders who are willing to make more than just a financial investment in your company. They must be willing to put their reputation on the line to promote you.

Then, ask each of your colleagues on the marketing team to identify three more potential advocates.

Once you have your first list of advocates, ask yourselves: How will you mobilize them to take action on your behalf?

Taking these two small steps now can lead to vibrant, healthy marketing sooner than you think.

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