The Most Important Questions To Ask Before Starting An Advocate Marketing Program

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.” —Friedrich Nietzsche

Even if Nietzsche is a little too deep for a blog post about marketing, he’s totally right: everyone has to start somewhere.

When it comes to advocate marketing, getting started involves asking yourself and your colleagues some important questions, such as:

The first and most important essential ingredient for success is tying advocate marketing to any number of key business objectives, such as increased revenue through customer referrals, simpler management and mobilization of customer references, higher customer satisfaction or better brand recognition and reputation, just to name a few.

Which ones are most important to you and your colleagues?

Who is already advocating for your company and why?

If you have a great product or service, happy customers and buzz around your company, chances are that you already have advocates! Come up with a list of at least 10 people who have recently acted as advocates and analyze what their act of advocacy was and why they did it.

Who, if anyone, owns the relationship with these advocates?

Whether it’s someone on your sales team, customer success, an executive or your community manager, figure out who owns the relationship with each and every one of these advocates and have a conversation with them. You may even want to work together to reach out their advocate to find out, first hand, why they’re an advocate for your company.

What will you ask your advocates to do once your program is off the ground?

Some “asks” are more like standing, walking, running, climbing or dancing than flying – which ones do you expect to bring to your advocates as you launch your program?

What results are you hoping to achieve with your advocate marketing program?

Circle back to your broader business objectives and set some initial goals for the program. How much revenue would you like to see attributed to customer referrals? How many more customer references? etc. These goals may change as your planning and implementation process matures, but it’s important to discuss the results you hope to achieve nonetheless.

The answers to these initial questions will guide you when starting an advocate marketing program, and you should probably refer back to them throughout the process to ensure you’re staying true to your objectives.

At the back of Part 1 of The Advocate Marketing Playbook, there’s a handy worksheet that you can print out and write your answers to each of these questions on. Better yet, why not share the worksheet with your colleagues ahead of your next team meeting and set aside time to discuss the questions and each of your answers?

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The Advocate Marketing Playbook provides marketers with a blueprint from which to build and manage a successful advocate marketing program; it’s a detailed “how-to” guide based on proven best practices.

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This post is part of a series of resources excerpted or adapted from The Advocate Marketing Playbook, created by TOPO. Click here to read the other posts in this series.

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