It’s nearly time to pack your knapsacks for Advocamp 2016!

But wait…do you know what you’re bringing?

We asked ourselves this same question (and thought you might have as well) so we reached out to the experts to ask for help: last year’s Advocamp attendees.

With their insights, we’ve pulled together a checklist to make sure you’re prepared for Advocamp. (P.S. There’s still time to register.)

Advocamp: the biggest customer engagement and advocacy event of the year
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1. Device charger and backup batteries

“A phone with a fully charged battery.” —Patricia Lalisan, Customer Marketing Manager at Genesys

d6988a11-7f76-48f5-853e-a0098c601b61Your days at Advocamp are going to be jam-packed with insightful presentations (check out the full schedule here), so you’ll need a fully charged device to take notes and share nuggets of wisdom on social media (#Advocamp). Getting close to the outlets can be tough and sitting on the floor isn’t very fun, so be sure to bring extra batteries or chargers.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to download our Advocamp 2016 app! It contains everything you need to navigate the event, like schedules, maps, session updates and access to the Advocamp Experience during the conference. Through the experience you can connect with other campers and win nifty prizes.

2. Positive attitude

“One thing to bring is a smile and willingness to chat with other attendees. Ask why they’re there and strike up a conversation!”—Summer Palma, Marketing Manager at


You’re not only at Advocamp to learn from business leaders and customer-obsessed peers, but also to make friends with them. If you want to share your campaign ideas, get input on certain strategies or ask questions—this is the place to do it. Here’s a few helpful networking tips from our speaker Keith Ferrazzi.

3. Journal with pre-written notes and questions

“I would bring a list of questions. Once you get there you may forget.”—Kim Ellis, Director, Strategic Marketing at BMC Software


Bringing a journal is useful for note-taking and quickly jotting down ideas—but it can also help you remember what exactly you wanted to learn. Write down a list of questions you’d like to ask certain speakers, and topics you’d like to discuss more in-depth with other marketers so you don’t forget anything.

Your pre-written notes will also come in handy during our daily networking campfires, where you can gather with your peers to share stories and strategies in intimate group discussions. (We’ll provide the marshmallows!)

4. Business cards

“Bring business cards, and lots of them!”—Liz Pedro, Director Customer Content & Advocacy at Mitel


Bring a stack, seriously. There are going to be plenty of people at Advocamp, which means there will be lots of networking opportunities. A helpful tip: on the back of each business card you receive, write down why you spoke to that person and what your follow-up steps are to serve as a reminder.

5. A friend

“[Bring] a few other people from your company/team.”—Kourtney Burrows, Marketing Specialist at Genesys


Using the buddy system at Advocamp is an excellent way to cover more ground and collectively gain more knowledge. If your co-workers aren’t already signed up, make sure they register ASAP! Or, if you register as a group of three, you’ll each get a discounted ticket for $999. If you don’t have a friend to bring, don’t sweat it! You can connect with other campers in our Advocamp community so you can plan accordingly and swap notes.

Ah, finally—your bags are packed and you’re now ready to head to Advocamp! All that’s left to do is learn, interact and have fun with your fellow campers. Check out the updated schedule to plan your itinerary, or download the Advocamp 2016 app.

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