Welcome To Influitive’s New Office

Once upon a time, there was a team of advocate marketing experts. Sharp and enthusiastic professionals, these experts shaped a company that was helping innovative B2B marketers harness the power of their most satisfied customers.

B2B advocate marketing experts Influitive have moved into a new office in downtown Toronto

But one day, this fairytale started to turn grim. Influitive had grown and grown so much that their old home – a quirky space nestled in the streets of Toronto’s garment district – could no longer accommodate the large number of developers, marketers, customer support magicians and coaches, and salespeople who had joined the team in 2013.

They’d outgrown it so much that there was only one remedy: Influitive needed a new office.

Arriving at our new home Monday morning, we couldn’t help but be excited to move into a space big enough to fit everyone comfortably – with room to grow. Still close to our old location, Influitive’s new downtown Toronto office is almost three times as big as the last.

With tall ceilings, an open-concept plan, and collaborative tables filled with brilliant colleagues, our new office in Toronto’s meatpacking district is truly a castle.

Inside Influitive’s new office

There was plenty of elbowroom in the new boardroom as we all watched Truman’s marketing presentation.


We’re still unpacking in the new space. Here’s our admin intern, Caroline, settling into her post in our new reception area.

Caroline sits in the new reception area

While some of us were exploring every nook and cranny, others got down to work in our many new meeting rooms:

Almost exactly a year after moving into our last office, Influitive is thrilled to have a new space that allows us to spread our wings even further.


Whether you’re a client or a member of the Influitive team, thank you for your continued support as we begin this next phase of our journey!


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  1. Wow! Cool digs! Congrats everyone!

  2. Hi there! It is my understanding that influitive leases out office space to startups or organizations of less than 20 people. Is this correct? Would love to learn more about the cost if so.

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