We’re Bringing An Advocate Marketing Army to Every Eloqua User

It’s my first week on the job, and I haven’t even been able to introduce myself here on Influitive’s blog. Hi – I’m Jim, and I just joined Influitive in the VP of Marketing role. Stay tuned… I’ll be writing more about why I joined soon. In the meantime, there are exciting things happening here so I just had to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it were).

Eloqua Experience 2012

There is perhaps no better place than the Eloqua Experience user conference to talk about advocate marketing. We are surrounded by marketing automation experts and demand generation professionals, all of whom are here for one reason – to understand how to do better.

Let’s face it: their job has become much harder. Traditional marketing and sales tactics are falling on deaf ears. Customers have become immune to the steady drumbeat of advertising; they are drowning out the hype and the flash. To meet their objectives, marketers need to push the envelope. They need to meet prospects on their prospects’ turf.

But where is that? If they are tuning out vendor noise, who are listening to?

It’s not too hard to guess. In fact, just look around at this show and see who Eloqua users themselves want to learn from: each other. More than ever, B2B buyers are seeking out peers on social networks and online communities to get honest, straightforward answers about the products and services they seek to purchase.

At Influitive, we’ve made it damn easy to help your prospects get the information they need from the people they want to get it from.

Influitive’s AdvocateHub is an easy-to-use, intuitive app for advocate marketing. Eloqua users can get started with a free trial, coupled with proven best practices, and an innovative integration with Eloqua that lets site visitors connect directly to customers using AdvocateHub’s “Ask an Advocate” feature.

With this new integration, any Eloqua user can tap into an army of advocates to participate in social networking, demand generation, and sales campaigns.

We’re excited to be at the premiere gathering of modern marketers, and to be helping Eloqua manage their advocates. If you are here at Eloqua Experience, stop by booth #209 and see how Eloqua uses Influitive for Advocate Marketing. And look for Eloqua’s advocates – you’ll know you’ve found when you see this:

Advocate marketing

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