Why Advocate Marketing Can Make The World A Better Place

Truman Tang

advocate_reward_redemptions_nepal_charity_relief_15When we talk about advocate marketing, we usually focus on all the ways engaging your customers can help you reach your sales and marketing goals, and increase customer satisfaction.

But advocacy has the power to do more than reach business objectives. It can help make the world a better place.

This is why, in the wake of the massive earthquakes in Nepal, we decided to give our advocates—and our customers’ advocates—an easy way to give back and make a real difference.

To encourage our customer, employee and partner advocates to help those in need, we recently introduced a special donation reward to our advocate marketing program, Influitive VIP. Influitive advocates can redeem points they’ve earned to make a monetary donation to the American Red Cross’ relief efforts in Nepal.

The challenge was also added to our reward templates library, allowing any Influitive customer to add the same challenge to their AdvocateHub, giving their advocate community the opportunity to give back too.

This reward resonated with several of our advocates on a deeper level. Within a few days, 20 advocates had donated their points.


At the end of of our drive, we’ll be donating a $500 lump sum to the American Red Cross in addition to the reward redemptions from our advocates.

Advocate marketers often focus on creating fun rewards that make advocates feel like stars. But we often forget that it feels better to give than receive.

If you want to give your advocates the chance to do good, here are a few best practices for creating this type of reward:

  • Describe what the cause is. Make it clear which charity will be receiving funds and why it’s an important cause.
  • Explain why your company is interested in contributing to it. Help advocates understand how their donation will be used.
  • Collect donations for a limited period of time. This will help drive donations when they’re needed most. We’re running our campaign for a few weeks.
  • Close the feedback loop by letting your advocates know how much you’ve donated. They’ll appreciate hearing how well the campaign did, and feel better about contributing.
  • Ask advocates which causes they’d like to contribute to in the future. Advocates love to give feedback and share their passions. They could help you discovered a great new charity initiative if you take the time to listen.

Thank you to all of our advocates who are contributing to our fundraising campaign. Let’s work together to help out those in need.

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