You’re Damn Right We’re Honored to be a Red Herring100 Winner!

That’s right – Influitive was recognized as a Red HerringTop 100 company in North America, an award which honors the continent’s most promising private venture technology companies.

While I am of course excited about receiving this honor, I’m even more impressed by list of companies that we share the award with. It’s a veritable who’s who of fast growing companies that are disrupting existing markets. True to its legacy,  Red Herring has once again done a great job of spotting tech’s next generation of leaders.

I also want to take a moment to address head on some of the brewing controversy around the award itself. I’ve been reading a lot of naysaying recently about the Red Herring 100 award, specifically concerning the process their editorial team goes through in identifying and vetting award candidates.

As with any high profile award, Red Herring invites all finalists to an awards dinner where they reveal the winners over great food and better networking. But here’s the source of concern: Red Herring charges for attendance to this event (which is actually pretty smart given the cashflow problems associated with media companies). So does that make it an obvious pay-to-play award?

I don’t think so.

Allow me to present a different point of view:

1. There are many instances where nominees have declined to attend the awards ceremony and therefor did not pay the fee but still won the award.

2. The expense itself is relatively minor for the networking value the ceremony provides. I came home with a pile of business cards – and I have to say, I found more  business opportunity here than at many conferences I participate in.

3. I didn’t get the sense that the winners or finalists are companies desperate for a pay-to-play award. On the contrary, the audience I sat with look like  proven innovators with great business models. Just check out the websites for Alteryx, Bloomfire, Full Circle CRM, Gainsight, and Tealium – these companies are disrupting markets left and right and getting plenty of attention for doing so from media and analysts alike.

There are plenty of pay-to-play opportunities out there for B2B tech startups. Heck, everywhere you look there are places to pony up critical dollars for a fleeting sliver of spotlight. Red Herring 100 is not one of them – I think the team there has done a good job of carrying on their mission of spotting – and recognizing – early winners in high tech. So let me equally congratulate our fellow award winners and thank the Red Herring staff for including Influitive among the elite!

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  1. John Mcgoldrick says:


    You should be honored. All the dissenters a) don’t understand the technology market b) clearly have no historical perspective on companies that were previously selected and changed the world.


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