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Influitive’s customer marketing software helps customer-centric marketing teams better engage and mobilize customers to become successful through gamified campaigns that build loyalty.

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Influitive AdvocateHub is the industry-leading SaaS platform for building customer loyalty using content-targeting, gamification and rewards.

We’ll help you create tailored experiences for your customers through personalized onboarding, incentivized learning, and intuitive and fun guided journeys.

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“I love that Influitive really allows you to get to know your customers – build and cultivate relationships and watch them turn into great advocates! It has allowed us to really “touch” each advocate and give them the personal relationship they deserve! It also allows us to put opportunities out – speaking, awards, references, social sharing, fun – in a manageable way!”

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Lauren I.

Customer Advocacy Manager

“We were looking for something to create a special community for our users. Inbound Marketing is all about creating relationships and building customer loyalty and Influitve has helped us achieve it. AdvocateHub is the perfect tool to create this community, manage it and maintain the customer relationship.”

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Dérick S.

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Use Influitive to generate extreme customer loyalty with our four areas of expertise:


Influitive’s powerful segmentation engine lets you target content and activities based on all kinds of criteria. Build guided customer journeys for groupings like geography, business function, management level, product usage, NPS score, and much much more.


Our scalable platform lets you personalize every aspect of what members see and do in your Influitive-powered hub, providing a fulfilling experience based on each individual’s needs, interests and behaviors. Plus, our team of experts is always on hand to lend a hand.


Influitive’s platform features best-in-class gamification that uses friendly competition, points, and badges to create authentic and effective customer engagement. It’s a sure-fire way to drive interaction, collaboration, awareness and learning.


Rewards go beyond catalogs and swag. They go deep into your brand and what you stand for. We help you bring that together with what your customers value and are motivated by with proven methodologies for both B2C and B2B rewards/loyalty programs.


About Influitive

Influitive works with forward-thinking marketers and digital businesses who want a better way to engage customers and mobilize advocates to increase referrals, references, reviews, case studies, and more. Our easy-to-use SaaS platform combines industry-leading customer advocacy tools, expert services, and training with intelligent automation, gamification, and personalization features that drive extreme engagement and customer growth at scale. Leading brands such as Cisco, Adobe, ADP, and IBM rely upon Influitive to help foster collaboration, build trust and deepen relationships with customers for top-line growth and bottom-line profits. Visit influitive.com to learn more.