Advochat with Larisa Sandu of Procore

Jan 25 - 25, 2018

Advochat with Larisa Sandu of Procore

Larisa Sandu is the Advocate Marketing Manager at Procore Technologies and a two-time BAMMIE award winner, recently winning the 2017 title of Advocate Marketer of the Year. Larisa will guide you through the essential elements of building relationships that turn customers into revenue-influencing all-stars. Through the Procore advocate community, powered by Influitive, Larisa has been able to leverage advocates to influence sales revenue, bring in over 1000 referrals which led to 43 new customers!

In this session, co-hosted by Victoria LaPlante, Senior Advocacy and Customer Marketing Manager at Influitive, these two advocacy veterans will be taking audience questions on how to best launch, structure, and drive engagement with referral programs.

No questions are off limits here—this is your time to learn and connect!

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