Influitive: Advocate Marketing Experts

The revealing story of how customer, employee and partner advocacy helped our company achieve an average annual growth rate of 650%

What are we 'exposing' exactly?

Influitive Exposed is an intimate look at how we've mobilized thousands of customer, employee and partner advocates to submit referrals, write reviews, act as references, contribute to content and more.

We promise we won't be shy as we reveal what worked - and what didn't - in our own advocate marketing program, Influitive VIP.

Download Influitive Exposed now to learn how we achieved these results and much more:
  • 16,000+ acts of advocacy
  • 400+ referrals, with 42% of revenue from referrals
  • Deals that close 25% faster
  • Hundreds of reviews on third-party websites
  • 4000 links shared with 2 million people
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