We grow your advocacy program, you reap the benefits.

Managed by us

With Managed Program Services, an Influitive consultant runs the entire program end-to-end. Every activity, campaign, and reward is expertly crafted to maximize engagement and time-to-value. Whether you want referrals, references, reviews, testimonials, guest speakers, or product feedback—we’ve got you covered.

The fastest way to launch an advocacy program

We have helped launch hundreds of programs for our customers. An Influitive expert is the fastest way to launch a new program or to handle a transition in ownership and administration. The entire process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you want to spin up a new program ASAP or maintain momentum during organizational change, this is the solution for you.

Leading-edge strategy and implementation

We invented advocate marketing a decade ago and we haven’t stopped innovating since. Our best-in-class team of implementation and strategy consultants live and breathe customer experience, customer success, and customer marketing. We have the most comprehensive dataset from the best B2B advocacy programs in the world which informs our methodology, implementation and program design.

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