Even if your marketing and sales strategy has a prospect totally bought in, all that hard work can be destroyed in an instant by a couple of less-than-stellar customer reviews.

“We heard that CEOs were Googling us and finding these bad reviews,” says James Scott, President and SVP of Customer Success at Brightpearl Inc, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software platform for retail management professionals. “As a result, a number of deals were derailed. The frustrating thing was that we knew these few unhappy customers were in the minority and we had hundreds of very happy customers whose voices were not being heard.”

So, Brightpearl launched an advocate marketing program called the Commerce Acceleration Zone with the goal of driving customer engagement—and increasing positive reviews in the process.

Download this success story to learn about:

• Brightpearl’s community, customer engagement and advocacy goals
• How Brightpearl uncovered hidden advocates and mobilized them
• The incredible results generated by a few hundred advocates in a very short period of time
• And more!

“We had a massive change in our reviews after launching our advocate marketing program,” says Victoria Stavpniuk, Community Manager at Brightpearl. “We’re getting tons of five-star reviews and haven’t had a bad review in months.”