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Benchmark Report: 2017 State of Customer Marketing

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Impact There’s a new rising star in the marketing department: the customer marketer. Long a...


Inspiring Customers To Create Content For You: A Marketer’s Guide

Content marketing is broken. B2B buyers (83%) are drowning in too much content. And only 9% trust vendor content, like...


Forrester Report: Scale Your B2B Customer Obsession With A Go-To-Customer Strategy

Strategic Plan: The B2B Marketing Playbook B2B companies like yours want to be more customer obsessed, but you may not...


Stop The Silent Killer In Your Pipeline

Your buyers are afraid. It's time for sales and marketing to talk about advocacy. Despite all the marketing, nurturing and...


Measuring Success with Advocacy: Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study

How are your peers investing in their advocate marketing programs? Over the last several years, marketers have been gathering traditional...


Don’t Think You Have Budget For Advocate Marketing?

Learn why you can afford advocate marketing and where you’ll find budget for advocacy programs Want to implement an advocate...


What’s The ROI Of Advocate Marketing?

Learn how to measure and track the value of advocate marketing—and prove to your entire company that it’s worth the...


Don’t Think You Have Time For Advocacy?

Learn how advocate marketing software makes customer engagement faster, easier and more effective. Wondering how much time it *really* takes...


Engaging Finance Advocates

Finance professionals are tough nuts to crack. They’re confident, numbers-driven people who won’t give your marketing messages a second glance...

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