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Advocacy and Authenticity: The Foundations Of Market Power

Best-selling author and advisor Geoffrey Moore will discuss why authenticity and advocacy are important pillars for every modern company’s marketing...


Boost Alumni Engagement With An Advocate Community

Alumni relations: are you sick of cold-calling and emailing your alumni for donations, only to get nothing back? Thankfully, there's a...


Amy Rosenberg’s Top 5 Advocate Marketing Program Management Tips

Learn how to make running a successful advocate community easier with Amy Rosenberg, Community Marketing Manager at Namely HR. In this video,...


What Is Advocate Marketing (And Why Do You Need It)?

The struggle to connect, engage, and ultimately convert prospective buyers is real. Today's buyers don't trust vendors and are looking...


How Influitive Works

Your customers love you. So why aren't you building relationships with them? Instead of sending out mass emails, or spamming...


Old Marketing vs. New Marketing

Sick and tired of chasing after customers to get testimonials and reviews? Struggling to get the results you want to...

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