Customer-centric marketing strategies that work better together

ABM is seemingly on the minds and lips of B2B marketers as a hot topic. And as companies try to develop their ABM strategy, even the most experienced practitioners will tell you that account-based marketing is hard work.

With all the time (and money) spent attracting the attention of your top prospects, running highly-personalized campaigns and the often longer sales cycles associated with bigger accounts, it can take a while before you see the ROI on your ABM campaigns.

That’s why marketing and sales teams can significantly improve their ABM efforts by getting their advocates onboard to help engage and close these top prospects. Your advocates can help you establish credibility so you can start the right conversations earlier, and get to the close faster.

Download this eBook today to learn how your advocates can help your ABM strategy by:

• Identifying great prospects for your target account list
• Providing referrals and warm introductions to your target accounts
• Creating volumes of customer proof content for your ABM campaigns
• Leading your cross-sell/up-sell initiatives from inside your target accounts

This eBook has been produced in partnership with Markistry, the Bespoke Marketing™ agency and experts in Account Based Marketing.